Last night, DS and I went to Takashimaya @ Ngee Ann City(1) after his work.

Although we live not very far from the city, we don’t go there often unless for a specific reason or purpose. These days, we are finding it more difficult and less enjoyable to dine at Orchard area because of the excessive crowds. Last night was a good example. Almost all restaurants at Ngee Ann City were packed with people and long queues. We finally settled with our favourite Indonesian restaurant, Sanur, and we had to wait for about 15 minutes to get a table!

At the restaurant, as we were happily munching away the prawn crackers that were served while waiting for our food, we were approached by the restaurant manager. He asked very politely if he could move us to another table that has just been cleared. There was a big group coming in and he had to join our table with the one next to us, to cater for the group. Some people may think that it is impolite of the restaurant to make such a request but we happily agreed, without a second thought.

We were soon treated with pleasant surprises that made our dining a very delightful one. As their appreciation for our help, we were served another plate of prawn crackers and two glasses of drinks [chendol(2) with red beans], all complimentary from the restaurant. We were very impressed with this service because we did not expect anything at all, in return for our small gesture of help.

To us, this is a good example of Go-The-Extra-Miles for Service (GEMS) that’s worth mentioning. I certainly applaud the government of Singapore for their foresight and their great emphasis on service excellence in the recent years. With such an emphasis and through initiatives like the GEMS (Go-the-Extra-Miles for Service) movement (first launched in 2005), we (consumers) are able to experience and enjoy much better service in the country these days in many sectors, including hospitals and clinics! It always makes my day when I receive a great service from places like retail outlets or restaurants. As one who has worked in a multinational company where service plays an important part in the business, I fully recognise the importance of service excellence. If everyone in the service industry were to bear this in mind and practise it, I think our country will not just be a lovelier place to live in, but also a bigger attraction for tourists in time to come. Majulah Singapura(3)!!

The following explanations are given for the benefits of non-locals.

(1) Ngee Ann City was officially opened in 1993. It is a large shopping and business complex located in the centre of Orchard Road, the major shopping street in Singapore.
(2) Chendol is a traditional dessert originated from Java, Indonesia, but it is also popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Southern Thailand. The dessert’s basic ingredients consist of shaved ice, coconut milk, starch noodles with green food colouring (usually sourced from the pandan leaf) and palm sugar. Red beans, glutinous rice and grass jelly are optional additions.
(3) The Malay word for “Onward Singapore”. It is the national anthem of Singapore and echoes the spirit of Singaporeans in their enduring hope of progress, and calls upon Singaporeans to rally together and succeed.



2 thoughts on “SERVICE EXCELLENCE”

  1. Thank u for sharing the delightful experience! 🙂 Made my day by restoring my diminishing faith in today’s human nature to manifest goodwill with a geuinely human touch!

  2. Thanks for showing me this link. I enjoy reading it and I’m happy that now, you have your own blog site! wish I could see more of your pictures taken from the places you travel.

    Check out my pictures at I’m starting to enjoy my new hobby in photography 🙂


    p.s. I miss the popiah….

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