I have been wearing dangling earrings for about two to three years. Although I loved them, I have bought about 20 pairs only, so far.

Recently, I began to have thoughts of making the earrings myself. Coincidentally, a good friend of mine, SK, has attended a course on this. I requested her to be my “shifu” (meaning teacher). SK was more than happy to do so and she even took half a day off from her work to accompany me to Chinatown to buy some materials. It was very nice of her, which I was both touched and grateful. Sometime later, I went to her house to learn from her. During the session, I not only learned the basic knowledge and methods from her, but also completed making 6 pairs of earrings under her help and guidance. The designs of the earrings I made were simple but my heart was filled with great excitement and satisfaction because I had learned something new! I also felt great pride wearing the earrings I made myself. It was a feeling that I have not had for a long time!

A few days ago, I met up with SK and another good friend of ours, HL, for lunch. I presented to them earrings that I have made for them. Although they were inexpensive gifts, the feeling of being able to share the joy and fruits of my newfound interest with my good friends, was beyond description.

Below are pictures of the earrings that I have made. Hopefully, my skills will improve further and I will be able to produce something better or more interesting in future.


Photo 1 – First six pairs made during my learning session. The one on top left is my very first pair and the easiest to make。

我最初做的六对。 左上角是第一对, 也是最容易做的一对。


Photo 2 – Subsequent seven pairs made during my free time. Five pairs were given to my good friends. Except the last two pairs, the rest were made using Swarovski crystals.

过后, 空闲时再做的七对。 五对已经送给好友。除了最后两对, 其余的都是用施华洛世奇水晶做的。

我穿戴垂挂式的耳环是这两,三年的事。 虽然喜欢,但也买得不多。到目前为止, 也只不过整二十对吧!

最近动起了亲自动手制作耳环的念头。正好我的一位好友SK有上过有关的课程, 就请她当我的师傅。SK 除了很乐意教我, 还特地拿了半天的假, 陪我去牛车水买材料。让我即感动又感激!过后到她家学习时, 我学会了一些基本的知识和做法, 也在SK的帮忙和指导下, 一口气完成了六对耳环。虽然都是简单的款式, 但是我心里却是充满着无限的兴奋与满足感,因为我学会了新的东西! 能穿戴着自己做的耳环也觉得很有意义! 似乎好久都没有过这样的感觉了。

几天前, 我约了SK和我们的另一位好友HL一起吃午饭。 我送给她们我亲自做的耳环。虽然不是什么贵重的东西, 但是能与好友分享我学习的喜悦和成果,那种感觉是难于形容的!

在此,通过以上的图片与大家分享我的一些“作品“。 希望我的技巧会再进步,将来能作出更好看或比较有趣的耳环。


2 thoughts on “NEWFOUND JOY – 新的喜悦”

  1. Thanks for the earrings . Whitney and Sydney were so happy and surprised when I told them the earrings were made by you, they started to wear the earrings for the whole nite. Especially Sydney as she is also learning to make earrings herself. Perhaps, during her school holidays, both of you can get together and make earrings together.

  2. 刚刚上了你的部落格,看到了你亲手制作的耳环,每一对都那么美丽,也谢谢你给我制作的那两对,我特别喜爱那对米色的长坠型耳环,将在这个来临的星期六赴宴时戴上,肯定会让我看起来更漂亮大方,再次谢谢你的巧手,也感恩你的分享,加油!

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