Today, during my Japanese language lesson, I was very happy to see my teacher wearing the earrings that I have made for her. I asked if I could snap a photo of her for my blog. She readily posed for me and so, here’s introducing to you my very young Japanese teacher, Ms Junko Matoba.


Japanese Teacher

日本語の先生はかわいくて、独身です。My Japanese teacher is lovely and single.

I started taking up Japanese language lessons again from late May this year. It has been more than 10 years since I stopped learning. Given the lack of practice and usage (in fact, hardly any opportunity now that I have left the corporate world), I have to repeat most of the fundamentals that I have learned but forgotten. The language itself is interesting but complicated. I think it is far more complicated than English and Chinese languages. Hopefully the next time I have my holiday in Japan again, I will be able to put what I have learned into practice!


11 thoughts on “MY SENSEI”

  1. hi, r u learning @ Bunka?

    I was taught by Matoba Sensei in Ele 1, too. Like her vvvv much!!

    But just now i saw her name no long existed in the Staff list, does this mean she has left Bunka?


  2. Yes, I will be resuming lessons at Bunka soon.

    Matoba Sensei was my teacher very briefly only, in Ele 2. I just heard last week that she has left the school but unable to find out where she has gone to. She was a very nice and encouraging teacher!

  3. What’s happening at Bunka? Matoba sensei left, Nakamura sensei left, Murata sensei also left!!!

    Maybe people would say its just normal personnel changes in a school, but the three of them all taught me before and they were very good!! Dai SUKI desu!

    feeling really sad.. if Takatsuka sensei left also, then perhaps i should also leave Bunka at Pre-Advanced -___-

  4. Oh really? I am not familiar with those teachers you mentioned but my first two teachers who taught me on one-to-one basis have also left. Looks like not a good sign but I do enjoy the system in Bunka though.

  5. 清水さん,先生によると,まとば先生は日本へ帰ったそうです。

  6. そうですか。Wish 的羽先生 幸せ.. (-.- dunno the jap for this) 僕が 2週間後で intermediate に 卒業します。 ちょっと かなしがっていますね。

  7. You are definitely much ahead of me. Congratulations, you are on your way completing the intermediate level!

    Well, I am impressed that you are so well informed with “happenings” at Bunka!

  8. hi. matoba sensei was my teacher for many levels.
    i was in her last class before she left.
    heard that she went back to japan.
    any idea how to contact her?

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