Something New – 新尝试

又有新的尝试了!😀 😀


因为是第一次做, 所以得靠买来的食谱, 一步一步跟着做, 但挺有趣的。我的“品尝师”,(老公也!)吃了觉得都及格了, 唯有芋头糕的味道淡了一点。我感到很开心, 但我更享受那学习与制作的过程。我觉得, 在既平凡又平淡的生活里, 偶尔花点时间和放些心思去学点新东西或做些自己喜欢做的事情,不但能增添乐趣,也是一种享受和幸福。 你说呢?

The past week has been rather interesting for me because I embarked on something new again!

I learned to make Suji cookies and yam cake for the first time! Suji cookies are relatively easy to make and fuss-free, as compared to cashew nut cookies which I attempted about 8 months ago. I enjoy cooking and baking but for a few reasons, I only bake once in a blue moon. I have never had any formal lessons on baking but I believe it is possible for one to pick up through some reading and recipes, unless he/she aspires to be a professional baker. Not sure if you agree.

What do you think of my Suji cookies and yam cake? Do they look yummy? 🙂




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