Aotearoa 重游纽西兰

1996年的12月,我和老公与及两位朋友, 参加了团体旅行, 第一次游纽西兰。那一次的十七天之旅,去了南,北岛好多的地方, 也是我们第一次在异国过圣诞。那是一个至今还很令我们回味的假期。

最近, 我和老公重游纽西兰十三天。不同的是, 这一次, 我们选择了自助旅行, 而且只去了奥克兰威灵顿两个主要的城市。全程很轻松又写意,又是一个很难忘的假期!

The following write-up on our recent holiday in New Zealand was WRITTEN BY DS.

We just returned from a vacation in Auckland and Wellington. New Zealand or Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud, as originally named by the Maoris, is indeed full of blue skies and nice clouds in the current spring season. It was a 13-day vacation, free-and-easy type, with 4 days spent in Wellington.


Auckland’s city centre is compact and most places of interest are within walking distance. Queen Street (above) is the central business district as well as a shopping and entertainment centre.


Left – Auckland Town Hall, Right – Winter Garden @ Auckland Domain.
See the blue sky and white clouds!


View of Wellington city, seen from Kelburn Terminus, the final stop of Wellington Cable Car.


Beehive and NZ Parliament Building in Wellington.

It was great too, to be able to visit and spend some time with Qing’s brother and family who live in Auckland. Staying in Auckland and Wellington was like a breath of fresh air. The temperature was very good at around 17 to 19 degrees Celsius (Wellington was very windy and about 3 degrees lower) and the stark difference was how spacious it felt, quite unlike the terribly crowded Singapore in every corner nowadays.

I have always read good reports of the friendly New Zealanders and it really proved to be true, as evidenced by the many pleasant sales and restaurant assistants as well as ordinary locals whom we asked for directions a few times.

The view of Auckland city from the Sky Tower (a high lookout tower) is the most beautiful we have ever seen, compared to the many city towers we have visited in other countries (e.g. KL, Tokyo, Paris, Vienna, Shanghai, Seoul). I supposed it is largely due to the beautiful bays that seem to surround the whole city in every direction you look.


Auckland, City of Sails!


Food was great too, especially fresh fish and oysters, so we spent a fortune too pampering ourselves with great meals.


These foods are just simply irresistible!!

This would be another memorable trip for Qing and me, that would be cherished for a long time, and who knows I may get a job there some day and decide to move there 😀 😀

Do visit this blog again to check out our online photo album for more beautiful and interesting photos of our holiday.


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