Last Friday (1 Feb) evening , DS and I were at the Esplanade, Theatres on the Bay. We went to attend Persistence of Memory, a performance by Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), featuring Sarah Chang, a young violinist who is recognised the world over as one of classical music’s most captivating and gifted performers.

Whenever we go to the Esplanade, we will walk past this underground tunnel space that leads up to our destination. I am not sure how many of those who walk past this tunnel take their time to appreciate the visual art displays on the wall which change from time to time, but we certainly do. While we are no expert in art, we enjoy many of the visual art displayed thus far and applaud the authority for providing such a space for the talented ones to showcase their beautiful works. In fact, we wished there were more of such spaces around the island, be it in MRT stations, shopping malls, underpasses, etc., not only to support the art scene but also to provide the general public a platform to appreciate art without having to go to an art museum! I remember when DS and I were holidaying in Shanghai in 2005, we saw a large display of posters of Van Gogh’s paintings in the underpass of a train station in the city, and that was fascinating!!

If you happened to be somewhere near the Esplanade area, why not check out these impressive artworks by a special group of youths.


2 – 24 February, 2008
Singapore Girls’ Home, Singapore Boys’ Home and artist Tan Teng Teng

A meaningful community outreach project hat showcases the creativity of youths from the Singapore Girls’ Home and Singapore Boys’ Home, while bringing across the importance of family togetherness. Through a series of workshops conducted by artist Tan Teng Teng, participants learnt basic skill of Chinese ink painting, paper cutting and seal carving to create works of art based on the themes of traditional Chinese culture and reunion. These works made up of different characters of the rat, are put together to form a visual arts installation to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
The artist was still at work when we walked past the underground tunnel space again after the SSO performance.

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