Last Saturday (1 March ’08), DS and I visited the National Museum of Singapore, mainly for the Greek Masterpieces from the Louvre Exhibition which will end on 16 March.

We can’t recall when we last visited the National Museum of Singapore. Guess it must have been a long time, so long that we have no impression of the Museum or our last visit at all!

We decided to take the opportunity of this visit to also check out the other galleries like the Singapore History Gallery, Film and Wayang Gallery, Fashion Gallery, Singapore Food Gallery etc., after seeing the Greek Masterpieces from the Louvre.


Above : National Museum of Singapore and a few of the exhibits from the Greek Masterpieces from the Louvre Exhibition

For more photos of this visit, please click on Photos (1) on this blog.

Unlike the Greek Masterpieces from the Louvre Exhibition which had attracted large crowds (at least at our time of visit), including big groups of tourists from China, the other galleries were a lot less busy. We didn’t have to spend a long time (in fact only about an hour) exploring the various galleries because (unfortunately, in our opinion) the collections there were the most uninteresting we have seen as compared to many other museums we have visited in other parts of the world. Perhaps, it is not a fair comparison given that Singapore is a very small and relatively young nation.

When we visited museums in Europe (like Paris, Vienna and London), New Zealand, Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai, there were many interesting collections to see. We would normally choose our visit on the day that the museums have long opening hours (till 9pm or 10pm in the case of European museums) and spend the whole day there. In our last holiday in New Zealand, the Auckland Museum and Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tonogarewa in Wellington have also impressed us a lot. In fact, we had to make two trips to the Auckland Museum in order to cover most but not all, of its vast collections!

Although the visit to the National Museum of Singapore was a little bit disappointing, our lunch at one of the Museum restaurants, Muse, was a delightful treat. We like the quiet ambience of the restaurant and had thoroughly enjoyed our choices of food that were simply yummy!! πŸ™‚

muse1.jpg muse2.jpg muse3.jpg

Above : Muse Restaurant


Clockwise from top left : French onion soup, lamb shank, grilled trout and chocolate cake with pistachio ice-cream.


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