Those who know me or have read my previous blog entries, would know that I enjoy baking cakes or cookies once in a while (although I am not a lover of such food!). Bread-making, however, is an area totally new to me simply because its process is a lot more tedious and complicated, as it involves yeast, a necessary and important ingredient.

For many months, DS and I have been talking about learning how to make breads. Our plan has finally materialised today when we started our short baking course – Foundation in Bread-Making – at Creative Culinaire. Unlike some of my friends who have attended Home Economics during their school days, this is the first time I have ever attended a baking course in my life. Likewise for Dennis who has never baked a single cake or bread in his life. So, we were really looking forward to the course with excitement!

Being the first lesson today, we learned some of the basics like the various methods of bread-making, hierarchy of flours (according to their protein levels), bread-making process, etc. Our instructor, Ms Judy Koh is not only very experienced in this field, but also very pleasant and helpful with a good sense of humour. She has made the lesson very lively and interesting. Judy stressed that baking is about enjoying the process and the passion. We couldn’t agree more with her!

More excitements came when we put our effort together to produce various types of bread like cheese twist, Pandan AnPan (red beans) buns, sausage rolls, ham buns. We gave Chocolate Spirals and Almond Twists a miss as we knew we would have problem eating them after the lesson!


The long but fun-filled process – Kneading, Gluten-Window Test, Fermentation, Punch-down, Scale (divide), Shape, Proof and the final-touch (decoration) before baking.

Below are the fruits of our labour today – a total of 15 pieces of bread to be brought home. You can imagine what was on our dining table for dinner today! 😀


Well, do our breads look like those from BreadTalk or other bakeries? We think they taste like those from BreadTalk!

Looking forward to our next lessons ….. 3 more to go!


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