Today, we had breads for dinner again. They are a variety of freshly baked breads that we brought back from our second bread-making lesson. 😉

Pork Floss buns, Tuna Buns, raisins and nuts bread, sandwich loaf, chicken floss buns and donuts.

Based largely on the Straight Dough method that we have learned last week, we produced even more breads including donuts, during the 6 hours of lesson this afternoon. DS and I hardly eat donuts and we were surprised to learn that donuts are made by deep-frying instead of baking! The ingredients used for the donut dough are quite similar to that for breads but we also added (double-action) baking powder. The duration for fermenting the donut dough is also much shorter, about 10 minutes.

DS frying the donuts. It took less than 10 minutes to fry the donuts under high heat. For sugar-coated donuts, the coating has to be done while the donuts are still hot.

Today, we also learned about Baker’s Percentage, conditioning of dried fruits like raisin and cranberries for use in baking and understanding the effect of such ingredients on the dough. Just like cooking, to be a good baker, we also need to have some understanding on the science of baking. Of course, we also believe in the importance of having a good taste bud!

The lessons have been very interesting thus far, but we felt very rushed today due to the variety of breads that we were tasked to produce. We also felt very tired by the time we packed up to leave for home!

Next week, we are going to learn how to make pizzas! I think DS will like this even more and he is excited about idea of entertaining our guests with home-made pizzas once in a while. 😀


6 thoughts on “BAKER’S APPRENTICE 2”

  1. Yummy yummy…so envy that DS is interested and attend classes wif you…so when will we get to taste huh? hehehe

  2. FY, two things that DS and I hope to master are pizzas and pastas. You will surely be our guest when we are ready.

  3. Hi you have done some really mouth watering stuff there.
    I know it’s inappropriate for me to ask, but do you think that you can teach me to make donuts?? please.

    I want to impress my gril friend, as she loves donuts a lot. ^^
    Thanks. Dauson

  4. Hi Dauson, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I would like to be able to share the recipes or detailed process with you but it is inappropriate for me to do so as it will violate the copyright of the baking school where I had my lessons.

    However, I managed to find a website with recipe and making instructions which you may find useful.

    You should be able to get a donut (ring) mould easily from the departmental stores or super marts.

  5. Thanks for your help, I will try that baked donuts.
    But to tell the truth, those donuts don’t look as good as yours.
    I will try my best 🙂

  6. Hi Dauson,

    To make something similar to what you have seen on my blog, it is best that you use the donut mould to shape the dough into donut rings. The middle part of the dough (from the mould) can then be put together using a stick to make donut sticks. This way, you do not waste the dough.

    To have the chocolate coating, dip the donut into melted chocolate while it is still hot (as soon as you take it out from the oven), then sprinkle with some colourful topping (or any topping your girl friend likes!) and leave it to cool.

    Similarly, for sugar coated donuts. You can use fine castor sugar for this.

    Hope this helps.

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