On 13 May (Tue), DS and I attended James Blunt’s first ever concert – ALL THE LOST SOULS – in Singapore. It was a great concert that had attracted a full-house audience of about 7,000 people in the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I guess at least 70% of the audience were westerners.

All the Lost Souls Concert Photos Album

This was our third time watching an English pop concert, after British singer Sarah Brightman in June 2004 and Japanese singer, Emi Fujita in October the same year.

DS and I started listening to James Blunt last November. James Blunt has only released two CDs so far. We like his unique voice and singing style. We love a few of his songs the first time we heard them, such as 1973, You Are Beautiful, One of the Brightest Stars and Same Mistake. Just like Chinese singer Emil Chau, I find James Blunt a talented musician. He sings well, plays instruments like guitar and piano as well as writes music.

James Blunt’s concert was different from Chinese pop concerts that we have watched.

1. There was no elaborate or special stage set-up or decoration. Everything was just so simple.

2. The was no special hairstyling or costume for the singer.

3. The concert was very short – lasted about one and a half hours, including encore. However, it was a solid performance with no intervals, no guest singer or special programme in between. There was also not much interaction with the audience except for one part when he jumped down from the stage, to the surprise of the audience, and had a quick run round the indoor stadium to touch/tap the hands of the audience.

DS’s and my liking for music is very broad, including classical music and foreign music. Whenever time permits during our overseas holidays, we would visit the CD shops and acquire some local music CDs to add to our CD collection at home.

This October, we will be watching Sumi Jo, a world-famous South Korean soprano, singing with Singapore Symphony Orchestra in Esplanade Concert Hall. This is a classical music performance. If I remember correctly, Sumi Jo’s’ last performance in Singapore was in February 2004. As I was away on a business trip in South Korea, DS watched the performance with a friend instead. Unexpectedly, when we were on holiday in South Korea last April, we were extremely delighted to be able to catch Sumi Jo performing with Johann Strauss Orchestra from Austria, in Seoul. It was a very lively, entertaining and memorable performance – a rare opportunity indeed, to boost the sweet memories of our holiday.

We are certainly looking forward to her upcoming performance in Singapore!


5月13日晚上, 老公和我出席了我们今年度的第三场流行音乐演唱会,在新加坡室内体育馆。 演唱者是来自英国的实力派歌手James Blunt. 这是我们第三次观看英语流行音乐演唱会。 第一次是2004年6月,也是来自英国的歌手Sarah Brightman. 第二次是同年的十月,日本歌手Emi Fujita(藤田惠美)Esplanade英语演唱会。

我们是在去年十一月开始听James Blunt的歌。到目前为止他只出了两张唱片。很喜欢他那相当独特的歌声和唱腔。 他的好几首歌曲如 1973, You Are Beautiful, One of the Brightest Stars, Same Mistake 等等更是第一次听就喜欢上了。就有如周华健James Blunt 不只歌唱得好,玩得一手好乐器如吉他和钢琴,也是一位词曲人。可说是很有才华的。


1。 没有华丽的舞台设计和布景。一切都是很简单的。

2。 没有特别的发型设计或服装造型。 全场演唱会包括encore只穿了一套简单的衣服。

3。演唱会( 包括encore)只长达一个半小时。 James Blunt一直唱,当中没有休息或更换衣服、也没有特别来宾或项目。除了一度跑下台匆匆的与观众握手和拥抱外,与观众的互动、交流也不很多。

尽管如此, 演唱会是满座的, 而且一点也没有冷场。 这就是实力派演绎者的魅力吧!我想全场最少70巴仙的观众是洋人,大家的热情不输于华语流行音乐演唱会的观众。

我们喜欢的音乐的范围很广,也包括古典与及不同国家的音乐与歌手。每一次出国, 时间允许的话,也都会逛逛唱片行,买点当地的音乐唱片。

DS’ CD Collection in our music room. 老公的唱片收藏。

今年十月我们将出席Sumi Jo(曹秀美,来自南韩的世界著名女高音)与新加坡交响乐团在Esplanade的演唱会。 那是古典音乐演唱会。没记错的话,Sumi Jo上一次与新加坡交响乐团的合作是在2004年的2月。 当时我因出国公干而错过了, 老公只好与朋友一起去。 去年,在南韩旅游是正好碰上Sumi Jo与来自奥地利Johann Strauss交响乐团首尔的演出, 老公和我去看了。那是一场很生动也很难忘的演唱会, 也给我们的南韩之旅留下了非常美丽的回忆。

Above : Sejong Art Centre, Seoul, Korea

Below : Poster of Sumi Jo’s Spring Waltz with Johann Strauss Orchestra from Austria, 20-22 April, 2007

我们都很期待Sumi Jo十月在这的演出。

Sumi Jo – Sempre Libera with Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Date : 17 October, 2008 (Friday)

Venue : Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore.


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