Last Sunday, 25 May, DS and I , together with our two good friends, SK and YP, started our day early to explore the Southern Ridges of Singapore. We were fortunate to be blessed with a bright sunny day throughout our approximate four hours of outing.

Southern Ridges of Singapore is a 9-kilometre chain of green in the southern/ south-western region of Singapore, spanning from Mount Faber Park (right behind HarbourFront MRT station), through to Telok Blangah Hill Park, Kent Ridge Park and West Coast Park. Beside lots of greenery, the highlights of South Ridges include two prominent connections – Henderson Waves and Alexandra Arch – which were opened just recently, as well as the 23-hectre HortPark – The Gardening Hub, near Alexandra Arch.

To me, it was a relaxing and enjoyable outing. In Singapore where land is scarce and high-rise buildings are mushrooming up everywhere in the country, I find it a blessing that we are still able to enjoy a little nature and beauty in this part of Singapore!

I will never forget how I dragged going to those mandatory field trips during my first year of tertiary studies. I was doing a module on Botany and had to make three field trips during that semester to study the various habitats and their effect on the growth and behaviour of plants. However, in recent years, I started to appreciate such nature better and also enjoy taking photos of plants and flowers. Well, this is how one can change over time!

We walked a total of about 7.7km (based on the reading on our pedometer) that morning with lots of stops along the way to appreciate the nature and beautiful sceneries, to rest and take plenty of photos too. Our last stop was HortPark where we spent about an hour before calling it a day.

Well, as the saying goes, “a picture speaks of a thousand words”, so here are some photos to share. Do also visit my online photo album for a more complete set of photos!

Row 1 : Left : Signboard at Mt. Faber Park and Right : a flower seen along Marang Trail
Row 2 : Left : Mt Faber where the Cable Car Station and Jewel Box are located and Right : flowers seen along Faber Walk
Row 3 : Sceneries of southern part of Singapore, viewed from Mt. Faber.

At 36 metres above Henderson Road, Henderson Waves is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore! With a short a distance of only 0.3km, it connects the two hills in that region – Mt Faber and Telok Blangah Hill. The “waves” rise over and below the deck and function as shelters with seats. Slats of Balau wood, an all-weather wood found in South-East Asia, was used for the decking.

Forest Walk that connects between Telok Blangah Hill Park and Alexandra Arch, is a 1.3km steps-free elevated walkway. Lots of greenery in this part of the walk and the scenery in this area is also beautiful!

Alexandra Arch, seen from Forest Walk. This bridge, with its tilted deck and curved arch, spans across Alexandra Road like an opened leaf. It is only 0.08km long.

Another view of Alexandra Arch, seen from the road-side of Alexandra Road just outside HortPark

Floral Walk and HortPark are an interesting area to explore and relax, especially for those who love flowers and plants! This place is so huge that we did not manage to go round the entire area during our hour-long visit there. I like the HortMart which sells a good variety of flowers and plants, including many species of cactus, some of which are new to me!

Over dinner that evening, DS and I had Riesling by Dr Loosen, our favourite wine. I said “Cheers to our 7.7km today!“. I felt a great sense of achievement having to walk such a long distance that morning! The last time DS and I had walked this much (in fact, about half a kilometre less) in a day was when we toured Beijing in November 2006!



  1. Our office has organise a walk from Alexandra Arch to Handerson Wave. And we will be walking today! We will start the walk at about 4.30pm and hopefully return to the office by 6-7pm. (so that we can catch the co transport to MRT). So far there are about 25 of us has responded for the walk.

    We plan to have the next walk from Hort Park to Kent Ridge Park. 🙂

  2. FY, so, did you enjoy the walk today? May be, it is even more beautiful with the evening sunset?

    I heard that Kent Ridge Park is not that interesting. You may want to share your experience with me after you have been there.

    I like the HortPark but just don’t know when DS and I are going there again!

  3. The walk was good. We had a good time walking and chatting. We started at about 4.40pm from our office and we returned at about 6pm. ( Alexandra Arch-> Henderson Wave->Alexandra Arch) We saw monkeys and some birds with “white hair” at the Hill Top Park. Some of the guys told me that the birds are called “白头翁”. Interesting.. 🙂

    Oh Kent Ridge not that interesting? Hummm… Ok, I ever try out.. will share with you… 🙂

    I will be walking at HortPark this Wednesday (after office hour).. I think there is a free Guided Tour @ HortPark every last staturday of the month.

  4. FY, glad to hear that you have enjoyed the walk. Seems to me that you guys could walk quite fast huh…..

    We did not see any monkeys that day we were there. Perhaps, it was still early that they were still enjoying their sweet dreams….:D

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