In my last Chinese entry on Batu Pahat, I wrote that DS and I were given a bag of organic dragon fruits which my mother-in-law specially ordered from a farm in Batu Pahat. They were really great – very delicious and juicy! 🙂

We seldom eat dragon fruits, not that we do not like them but it seems not easy to get real good ones from within our neighbhourhood. The first and the only time DS had ever bought dragon fruits were the red pitayas – red skinned fruit with white flesh that are the most commonly available dragon fruits. We didn’t like them at all. Since then, we have not eaten dragon fruits again until last December when a very dear friend of mine brought us some from Malaysia when she visited us. Those were the red skinned fruits with red flesh. They are called Costa Rica Pitayas, according to information from Wikipedia. The fruits were so delicious that until now, we never fail to remember this very dear friend of mine whenever we eat dragon fruits!

If you would cut the dragon fruit skins which are uneven and a little thick, you will find it rather difficult. However, recently DS discovered that the skin could be peeled off instead of cutting. This makes it very easy to remove the skin! 🙂


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