For a few months, DS and I had been talking about going to Swa Garden Restaurant – a Teochew restaurant recommended by one of my orthopaedic surgeons. Last night, we finally made it there with a friend of ours.

Well, it was not the Teochew food that attracted us to this restaurant but the cold crabs. DS and I have eaten cold crabs in San Francisco many years ago but this was my first time eating cold crabs in Singapore!

The cold crabs were simply superb! It’s amazing how good the crabs can be despite just being boiled and kept in the fridge. It puts to shame the other two more well known Singaporean dishes – the famous chili and pepper crabs. If you have not tried cold crabs before, you really should as it is the natural unadulterated fresh taste of crab meat that isn’t spoilt by overpowering chillies and peppers. Though this is already so good, we have tasted even better cold Alaskan crabs once in New Zealand. That was simply heavenly!!

Beside other dishes, we also ordered stir-fried black-pepper crayfish which turned out to be yet another excellent choice of food for the night.

Well, I would say a visit to a Teochew restaurant would not be complete without a bowl of yam-paste dessert, a characteristic dessert not easily found in other Chinese restaurants. Here, the yam pate was cooked with gingko nuts and pumpkins. It has been a long time since DS and I last had this dessert and we were so glad that like us, our friend had also enjoyed the dessert as much as the cold crabs.

We heard from a service staff that the owner and the chef of Swa Garden were from the former Swatow Restaurant. Swa Garden has been operating in Macpherson for nearly 9 years now. The restaurant does not charge for service and GST!

Oh, we certainly look forward to going back to this restaurant again in future! 😀


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