I just realised that in the past year, many of my blog entries were related to foods! Here’s another one on food again…. 😀

Well, the fact is I enjoy eating, especially foods that I like! I have once joked with DS that eating is my motivation in life! Hehe…:D Fortunately, I am not allergic to any food and have very healthy cholesterol levels. One thing a little less fortunate though, I put on weight easily. So I always have to watch what I eat.

I am definitely not an expert in food! I can be picky with foods and as far as dining out is concerned, I tend to be more conservative with my choices of food and restaurant! DS shares a similar interest in eating but unlike me, he has a wider range of selections and is more adventurous in trying out restaurants that we have not been to, or have been featured on newspapers and magazines.

Three days ago, we went to Prime Society at Dempsey Road, after DS came across a write-up on this restaurant. It was the first time I had ever dined in a restaurant at Dempsey Road and quite frankly, if not for a special reason, I think I would not have thought of going all the way there!

Prime Society is located at 10, Dempsey Road, #01-20. Tel : 6474 7427.

We were hoping that this would be a very good steak restaurant but unfortunately, it did not turn as good as our expectations. Perhaps, we were expecting too much. The steaks (cooked using Australian beefs) were not bad but nothing spectacular to our taste buds. The meats were good, but the taste was somehow lacking some oomph…… We liked the grilled prawns that we ordered as starter but the chocolate fondont was a little bit disappointing. I have certainly tasted something better elsewhere.

Frankly, for this kind of quality and price, we will still prefer to go to Angus Steak House, our favourite steak restaurant in Ngee Ann City. The steaks at Angus are excellent in terms of taste, and not forgetting their excellent bread, salad and soup as well. We feel that dining at Angus is better value for money. There are even better steaks like Lawry’s The Prime Ribs (at Paragon), and Morton’s of Chicago (at Mandarin Oriental Hotel) but the US beefs there are much more pricey.

Having said that, the ambiance at Prime Society was good and their service, excellent. Their service staff were very polite and friendly. We were served by a young man who have stayed in the US before, and he was rather knowledgeable about beef steaks. 🙂

Oh, I think it is about time to go back to Angus House again! The last time we went there, we celebrated a dear friend’s birthday and we were so glad that she was greatly impressed with the steak, much as we did!


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