The Singapore Garden Festival is on again! DS and I went to the first one held in December 2006 and decided that we would attend the 2008 Festival too. In fact, we have already planned to go to this event today a few weeks ago. Well, we are the kind that prefer to plan our outing (especially weekend outings) well in advance!

Being a little bit “kiasu” too, we have decided to start off our day early at 10am (the daily opening time of the Festival) this morning in order to beat the weekend crowds. That was certainly a wise decision as it got a little crowded by afternoon. It was also good to visit the Festival at its early part when most of the flowers are still fresh!

This event seems to have attracted more middle-age and senior citizens, as well as families who went there as a weekend family outing. It is also an event very popular amongst the photography buffs. Many of them went equipped with tripod and their huge cameras! DS and I also went with our SLR camera and tripod, and our two other digital cameras but we are definitely nowhere near a professional photographer! We had hundreds of photos taken, beside taking time to appreciate the flowers (Well, this explains why we spent the whole day there!). However, many of our photos (especially those close-up shots) did not turn out very well. I have in my previous Chinese entry mentioned that I love taking photos but looks like I am still far from being a good amateur photographer. Perhaps I should really consider taking a course on photography!

In late afternoon, we heard over the public announcement that our “national treasure” singer Stephanie Sun (国宝歌手孙燕姿)also visited the Festival. Wow……. but it was too late for us to spare more time to catch a glimpse of her! Unfortunately……

The Singapore Garden Festival is being held in Suntec Convention Centre and it will end on 1 August. It is divided into two sections : Singapore Orchid Show on Level 4 and Landscaped Garden Show on Level 6 of the Centre. Floral designers from many countries around the world have contributed to this event. In fact, about 17 countries, according to news report. In the Singapore Orchid Show, like the previous one, there are also works from local schools, including primary schools. That was impressive!

Singapore Orchid Show

Overseas countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, China, etc. are participants of this event.

(Above) Papua New Guinea, Best Landscape Group winner of Straits Times Challenge Cup.

(Above) Hainan, China

(Above) Okinawa, Japan


(Above) Anglo Chinese School, Most Creative Used of Materials

(Above) : Singapore’s Heritage Orchid (please click on the image for a larger view)

(Above) Vanda Mimi Palmer (1963)

(Above) : Oh, this is my dream garden!!

Landscaped Garden Show

(Above) : A special creation – face of late Marilyn Monroe!

(Above) : Seeking Shangri-La, “Best of Show” in the Fantasy Design Category, by Singaporean Peter Cheok who is also a second-time winner in the show. This work took him five months to complete and it is the centre of attraction in the Landscaped Garden Show!

(Above and two below) : “The Green Breeze” or “Ryokufu Tei”, “Best of Show” in Landscape Design Category, by Kazuyuki Ishihara. Made with moss and native Japanese plants, this is the designer’s reminiscent of his childhood hideaway in the rural village.

(Above) : Through Thick and Thin, by Singapore Florist Association. A Bronze winner.

(Above) : The Inner Door in Our Mind, by Jin-Young Park, Korea. A Gold winner.

(Above and below) : Memories of Water Village (of Jiangnan), by Song Xiaogu (China), a multiple medal winner in China’s flower events.

Beside a variety of flowers, tomatoes and red chillies are also used in this piece of beautiful design.

(Above and two below) : Touching the Tulip by Nico Wissing (Netherlands)

I wished there were more tulips and a wider variety of them!

(Above and below) : Share the Dream by Sun Wei (China)

More photos will be shared through this blog next week! 🙂


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