Last night (23 Aug) was a special night for DS and I.

For the first time, DS and I was up at the seating gallery of the Floating Stadium at Marina Bay. We were there for the Singapore Fireworks 2008 – an annual event held in celebrations of Singapore’s birthday! It was the thrill of watching the fireworks live and very up-close for the first time in our lives, in the comfort of the floating gallery, that made the night so special!!

Thanks to the organizer who finally get the brilliant idea of selling tickets for this event! In the past, the public would just gathered around the various locations in the Marina area to watch, and we had given up the idea of watching this annual firework display years ago after our unsatisfactory experience twice.

The Floating Stadium was packed with ticket holders despite the rainy weather condition since the early afternoon. Fortunately, the drizzle was not a show-stopper, and neither did it dampen the spirit of the audience. There were carnival, live performances, etc., all to lift the spirit and make the night memorable to those who have paid to watch the fireworks.

Belly Dancing

Band performance by Tanjong Katong Secondary School – last performance before the fireworks started.

Watching this band performance brought me lots of memories of those days when I was also a member of my school band, playing the bell lyre. There were a lot of “hardship” but many beautiful memories to be cherished. In fact, it was also during those days that I made two very good friends in my secondary school.

All geared up at the Floating Platform for a spectacular show


The tickets which cost S$18 each were definitely worth paying for, not to mention the great accompanying music that went with the spectacular choreography.

I just hope that the organiser will sell the tickets again for the future fireworks shows. DS and I would certainly be happy to pay for the tickets again!


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