Yesterday (25 August), DS and I were at the Terminal 3 (T3) of Changi Airport to welcome Team Singapore (the 2008 Singapore Olympians) home!

It is hard to believe that we actually did it since we are never sports enthusiasts. In fact, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games that has just ended two days ago was our first-ever most watched Olympic games!

Well, the truth is DS was on leave yesterday and as we had been thinking of checking out the new T3, we took this opportunity to be there.

We were very impressed with T3. It is big, beautiful and gorgeous! It is probably the nicest airport we have seen thus far. A friend of mine told me that the new Beijing airport is even nicer. Well, I will have to wait till I visit Beijing again to confirm this. 🙂

When we arrived at the arrival hall at about 2:30pm after a satisfied lunch in one of the airport restaurants, there were already crowds gathering around, waiting eagerly for the arrival of Team Singapore on SQ803.

After about an hour of waiting, the Team finally appeared much to the loud cheers of the supporters. Wow, what an experience to be in the midst of the supporters!

However, many soon became disappointed because the trio from the Singapore Women’s Table Tennis team who have won an Olympic silver medal for Singapore after 48 years, were hogged by the reporters all the time, leaving the supporters completely no chance to catch a glimpse of them, let alone taking photos!

While I understand that these reporters have a job to do, they and the organiser could have been more considerate by not forgetting the supporters who have taken the trouble to be at the airport and waited a long-time as well. It would have also been great if the organiser had allowed an opportunity for the supporters to take photos of the Team at the press area, as many of these supporters would not make it to Raffles City Shopping Centre to join the celebrations.

I also felt very sorry for the rest of the members of Team Singapore who seemed to have been neglected by the reporters. Apparently, all attention was on the table tennis trio only and the reporters could never seem to have enough shots of them! Just how sad….don’t forget these Olympians have also striven very hard for Singapore although they came home empty-handed.

I finally managed to snap some good shots of the Team, mainly the table tennis trio, after they had boarded the hippo bus outside T3.

Li Jiawei, captain of the Women’s Table Tennis team who made it to the semi-final in Women’s Single, in Beijing 2008. She was also one of the semi-finalists in Athens 2004.

Wang Yuegu

The very friendly Feng Tianwei, our Olympic Gold Medal hopeful in London 2012. She was pretending to give away her silver medal to the supporters! Next to her is Mr Anthony Lee, Manager of the Singapore Table Tennis Team.

Liu Guodong, the Chief Coach and I would say, the hero behind the success! He looked very tired and perhaps, sad too after the Gao Ning incident. If only Lee Bee Wah could be more tactful in handling the incident!

Finally, the trio…

DS has also taken a good video on this memorable occasion. Hope you will enjoy it although the quality of the video has been degraded after it was uploaded onto Youtube. You will see just how crazy Singapore fans could be!

Welcome Home, Team Singapore Online Photo Album (please click)

Hippo Buses outside T3. These buses were taking the Team to Raffles City Shopping Centre for a celebration. En-route to the party, the Team would pass by several locations to greet the public.

Below : taken from the website of Singapore Sports Council

It was truly an experience to be at T3 yesterday to welcome Team Singapore home. Well, we are not sure if we will do it again in future but will certainly look forward to London 2012 and more successes from Team Singapore!! 🙂

新加坡队, 加油哦!


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