Recently, DS decided to do away with our water hotpot which we have been using for many years for a very good cause – to be more environmental friendly by reducing the use of electricity. This, of course, will also reduce our electricity bill. 🙂

I fully support the idea and needless to say, gladly accepted the task to look for a new kettle. It has been a long time (perhaps 8-10 years) since we last had a kettle at home.

At the Home and Interior Department of Takashimaya, there were quite a number of choices of kettles to choose from but a particular one from Bodum just struck me. I think I am not exaggerating by describing it as “love at first sight”. It is just so cool and trendy that I instantly liked it. I still took time to look at the various choices but after speaking with the sales staff at Bodum counter, I decided to make the Bodum kettle my choice. Although it was a little pricey, I would like to believe that it was worth paying for.

I hope I don’t sound ignorant but little did I expect to find a glass kettle in the market! DS said it is a piece of art!

Back to the topic on environmental friendliness, in one of my previous Chinese entries (世界地球日), I mentioned about supporting the recycling project and reducing the use of plastics/papers bags. There are many other ways we can contribute to support the call for environment care, such as (but not limited) to reducing electricity and water usage.

Being one who is very fussy about cleanliness (be it cleaning of our home, groceries, clothes, floor towels etc.), I find it most difficult to reduce water usage. For an average water bill of more than S$30 per month, I consider my household usage (by only two persons) very high. When talking with DS about this issue the other day, he teased that I can consider to shit less. Oh, what a brilliant idea! This will mean less food intake, more $$ saving and some weight loss too. Woohoo…I think it is worth a thought! 😉

Joke aside, all of us have a part to play in saving our earth. As long as we make a conscious effort , even the smallest contribution counts. Agree?


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