两个晚上前 (10月4日), 去了新加坡室内体育馆看阿妹Star Tour世界巡回演唱会Encore。

虽然离开上一次的演唱会只不过是短短的十一个月, 当晚西面台布置的室内体育馆还是座无虚席的。大概有一万人那么多吧! 在这小国里还有很多阿妹的支持者哦!老公和我虽然不可以算是阿妹的歌迷, 但已是第四次出席阿妹新加坡的演唱会了。

(Above) The stage. DS and I were sitting on the 8th row, in the centre of the West side of Singapore Indoor Stadium. A Mei’s fans were seated directly opposite us. No wonder we couldn’t get our seats on the East side although I bought our tickets immediately when ticket sales started at 9am!

(Above) : Musicians and back-up singers getting ready while audience were still coming in. The concert started at about 8:20pm.

Here it goes – a night of spectacular performance by the Taiwanese Diva, Zhang Hui Mei aka A Mei.

因为是Star Tour的Encore, 当晚的曲目、造型与服装与去年的相比是大同小异,没什么惊喜的。但是老公和我都一致认为这是一场更精彩、更有爆发力的演唱会。感觉上歌迷、观众们也比以往更热情、更high了! 他们不停的叫喊、合唱以及热烈的掌声也令阿妹感动到流泪。我想对于一位歌手来说、 这些举动不但是一种回报、也是一种鼓励和推动力吧!

(Above) : 9 sets of costumes worn during the 3-hour concert, including one for encore.

Excellent vocal aside, A Mei is always so good at raising up high spirits and keeping a very close rapport with the audience throughout the concert! She was just so energetic, even when she was dancing and jumping with her 4″ or 5″ high heels and boots (below)!

This was one concert with most photos and video clips taken! Thanks to the concert ushers who did not “disturb” us this time! 😀 Video clips and a lot more photos will be shared after I get them organised in a few days’ time.

与上一场不同的是, 阿妹当晚选唱了一首日语歌曲 - 命运是遥远那天的约定(取自于她不久前在日本公演59场的图兰朵音乐剧)和一首英文歌曲 – If I Ain’t Got You (原唱者是美国歌手Alicia Keys). 虽然是第一次在公开场合演唱这首英文歌, 阿妹却是唱得非常的棒!其实, 我觉得阿妹也很适合唱英文歌曲的。多年前,她在与香港古典管弦乐团(Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra) 合作的“歌声妹影”音乐会里就把一首 I will Always Love You (原唱者是美国歌手Whitney Houston)演绎得很好. “歌声妹影” 是我非常喜欢的一张DVD. 好希望会有那么一天, 有一场阿妹新加坡交响乐团(Singapore Symphony Orchestra)合作的音乐会。 要真有那么一天,我肯定还是会在第一时间买票的!

阿妹也很能rap的。她在演唱Bad Boy时附加了一段rap — “唱了十年歌还是觉得奇怪,什么事都要交代,买了什么车,住什么豪宅,是灌篮高手还是盖世英雄都要交代…” . 我想这是她个人的心声, 也是身为公众人士的艺人们的苦恼吧!

这个演唱会是我们历来拍得最多照片和video clips的演唱会。 感谢当晚演唱会的工作人员没有来“打扰”我们!多两天整理好后, 再与大家分享!


年底之前, 我们还会出席两场演唱会 - 10月17日Sumi Jo在滨海艺术中心新加坡交响乐团合作的音乐会和十二月十二日刘德华的演唱会。期待着!

其实,有一位我很喜欢的歌手-周华健-也要来开唱了。 11月29日在新加坡室内体育馆。但因为这不是一场个人演唱会, 所以就不会想要去看了。

To be continued….. 再续


2 thoughts on “A*MEI STAR TOUR ENCORE – 再见阿妹的实力!”

  1. Hi Clarice and DS,

    Thumbs up for the wonderful write up and pics!!!Yeah!!!

    Talking about the 歌声妹影 , DS had given me that too.
    I must tell you that 歌声妹影 is always in our car. Suien loves the song -> “MaMa Mia” + “卡门”. And I love “凤凰于飞”. We will sing together while watching the 歌声妹影 in the car.. DS, thanks 🙂

  2. Hi FY,

    So glad that Suien and you are enjoying the VCD from DS. 🙂

    Sorry for my late response to your comment as I did not see it until I ran through the spam comments a while ago. I don’t know why WordPress has classified your comment under Spam?? And I don’t normally run through the Spam comments.

    Hope you are doing fine.

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