I shouldn’t need to write this as so many have spoken/written on euthanasia, a hot topic in Singapore recently, but I hope to be counted if someone is actually counting this.


I am on the same side as Sumiko Tan and Dr Lee Wei Ling, but I can imagine the almost impossible task of legalising euthansia in Singapore given the conservative society here and powerful influence of religious leaders. As always, the view of the majority will be taken to be imposed on others. So why can’t we just let everybody decide for himself/herself rather than being imposed with the practice of the majority. I can understand the argument that once legalised, there might be pressure on certain people who are not willing to die, but be obliged to do so, simply because the choice of dying is legally available. I consider this a weak argument though, because the reverse is also true now where terminally-ill people who are willing to die are not allowed to do so. There are also other pros and cons of it, which I need not repeat, but clearly there are no winners.

I admire those that are against euthansia and treat human life as sacred, even though some of these living cases would be as good as dead, or even worst than dead. But it is easier said than done, so for these people who are against euthansia, I suggest that they volunteer their time and money to assist those that are terminally ill and need long-term palliative care.

All of us can wish for a good death, but it is certainly out of our control. The high moral in practice now is if the dying can’t die, then all the living might as well be sucked in to suffer together. Frankly, I have no wish to be on either side. Well, Qing and I have signed our AMD (advance medical directive) quite some time back but I don’t think it would be of much help, as its application is very very narrow/limited. I only harbour a wish that the world will end before I am old and sick, so that would take care of all our dilemma quite neatly! It is surely an overkill, but well, is the world really that precious?


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