DS and I came to know about Emi Fujita (藤田恵美), a Japanese singer, through a friend who recommended us her album, Camomile Blend, in 2004.


Emi Fujita belongs to the type of singers that sings cover pieces better than the original singers. We like Camomile Blend so much that we decided to listen to her live when she came to perform at the Esplanade Concert Hall in 2004. That was one concert that we have enjoyed very much. We kind of fell in love with her excellent vocal that we bought all her other albums subsequently. Then, we also felt that she sang better in live concert!


Four nights ago (13 December, 2008) Emi Fujita returned with her 4-member band to Esplanade once again for a one-night performance. This concert was very similar to the one in 2004 but more Japanese songs were sung this time. We have no issues with this since we also enjoy listening to her Japanese album. She also sang a Japanese/Chinese piece from the well-known Chinese oldie – 何日君再来. That was definitely a good attempt despite her less accurate diction on the Chinese version.

It was yet another wonderful performance, much to the loud applause of the audience. However, we somehow felt that this time round, her voice was no longer as tender as in 2004 when we were thoroughly immersed in her beautiful vocal, as if we were relaxing in a resort, so cosy and peaceful.


Audience queuing for the post-show autograph signing session by Emi Fujita. Many fans were also crowding around the autograph desk to take pictures of her.


Below : Emi Fujitaemi-fujita3

The autograph signing session took much longer than the 30 minutes originally allocated, due to the overwhelming response. Beside autograph signing, Emi Fujita also happily and patiently posed for photographs with her fans.

Although I was one of the last in the queue, I was fortunate not only to have her autograph but also a photo taken together with her. 🙂

Below : Lullaby of Camomile – Live in Singapore (2004) autographed by Emi Fujita emi-fujita4

ひだまりの诗 -One of my favourite songs. Emi Fujita sang this song in both her concerts here.

As we listened to Emi Fujita’s singing in the concert hall, we were reminded of one famous local singer – Kit Chan – whom we miss. We could imagine how nice it would be if Kit were to also perform in the Esplanade! The last time we heard Kit singing live was in the Forbidden City musical in which she played the role of Yahenara, in September 2006. In fact, that was the second time we watched Forbidden City!

On the night we returned from Emi Fujita’s concert, DS went to Kit Chan’s website to leave a message to suggest that she does a similar concert like Emi Fujita’s in the Esplanade. Kit has also written a semi-autobiography named “Cathy and Jodie” a few years ago. It was a fun and wonderful book on insights of her exciting childhood. It would be very nice to also create some skits based on the book, in the concert. It will be a real treat if Kit ever does so!!

连续看了两场与众不同的演唱会, 让我觉得这个年底与往年相比,还真有点特别!



  1. Yup, saying she sings “Cover Versions” BETTER than the Original is,
    in most cases, very true. (Found a better “Unchained Melody”, anyone,
    for one). It is a great pity her CD’s are not more widely available,
    (in U.K., anyway), though luckily there ARE “sites” out there
    with some …almost all… Emi tracks as “Samples” 🙂

    /Am hoping to get the new (2010) “Camomile” CD shortly, anyway 🙂

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to know that you like Emi Fujta too!

    If you can’t find her new release in the UK, you can purchase online from Amazon US, Amazon Japan or even HMV Hong Kong.


  3. love to have one of your signed cds. 🙂 hope you can share some for her fans.

    thanks. – mr.brig

  4. Hi Brigham, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I am sorry but I am afraid I will not be able to share those CDs since I have only one for each album and they are my precious collection.


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