28 December 2008 – It’s the last Sunday of the year! How have you spent this day?

DS and I have decided to have a restful day at home since the last few weeks leading up to Christmas had been quite hectic for us. This year-end has been a little “special” to me too because I had to undergo an unexpected minor surgery after my Japanese exam earlier this month, and I am still nursing my nose infection which started before Christmas. This is my fourth time suffering from a similar nose condition in 2008 and I remember I had it at the beginning of this year too. Oh, what a way to start and end the year!

Year-end is a time that I like best in Singapore. I enjoy the Christmas decorations and festive mood everywhere I go on our little island and I like the unusual cool and windy weather (though it can be rainy too). DS and I had spent Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year overseas before but we have reached a conclusion that our homeland is still the best place to be in on the last day of the year, or we would feel as if we have not crossed over to the New Year!

Last year, we had chosen to usher in 2008 in the quietness of our home, watching countdown TV programmes and savouring a glass of wine and some tidbits. This year, we have decided to do something different. We have bought our tickets and are looking forward to joining our friends and many fellow Singaporeans in the Marina Bay Countdown! 😀


What an exciting way to welcome the new year! This will be our second time watching fireworks on the floating platform. I just hope that we will be blessed with good weather on that night!

Overall, I feel that 2008 has been a good year for DS and I despite my minor illnesses and the current depressing economic conditions. It will be DS’ first anniversary in his current job in about a week’s time. I am glad that DS is now doing something meaningful and technical that can better make use of his skill sets. I also find it more fulfilling this year having been able to carry out the few objectives/tasks that I have planned for myself early this year. I only wished I have managed to read more books than I had wanted to! I don’t set ambitious plans for myself but I like the idea of always having something to look forward to in life. So, I look forward to 2009 although I think that aging is a sad thing that I will never look forward to!


2009 新年快乐.



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