It’s a new year, a new beginning!

c1101564(Thanks to my friend, Sam for sending me this beautiful graphic!)

It was a new and exciting experience last night joining the Marina Bay Countdown for the first time on the floating platform!

Incidentally, it was the idea of watching the fireworks up-close, in the comfort of ticketed seats on the floating platform, that made us willing to part with $28 per ticket for the event. Although DS didn’t think that the fireworks display was as good as the one we saw in August, we were still exhilarated by the display which lasted more than 7 minutes amidst the loud cheers of about 10,000 spectators (according to the host of the event).

For a better, high video quality, please select “Watch in High Quality” when viewing on Youtube.

For the first time, DS succeeded in snapping some reasonably good shots on the fireworks using his Nikon D70s. That was a good start for the new year!









I also put my new Canon SX1IS to good use last night! This newly launched camera has a 20x wide zoom feature, an optical image stabilizer (just like my old Canon S2IS) and an impressive full HD video function! It was the full HD video function that made it easy for my to decide on retiring my 4-year-old S2IS. I just can’t wait to use my new camera on my next holiday which is coming up soon, and the next pop concert that I will be attending in February!!


Here are some shots taken using my Canon SX1IS.

merlion(Top) The Merlion, taken from across the Esplanade, using the powerful wide zoom feature.

skyline1(Top and Below) Ten thousand Wishing Spheres on Marina Bay. At the background is the beautiful skyline of Singapore’s central business district.skyline2

artistes-and-performers(Top) Artistes and performers on stage, after the fireworks display. The entertainment started at 1030pm and was hosted by Michelle Chia, Andrea Fonseka, Fiona Xie, Gurmit Singh and Utt from Mediacorp.

Here’s a recap of the major happenings in 2008 by Mediacorp, shown just before the countdown and fireworks.


I hope that 2009 will be a better year for everyone and that there will be less suffering and more good news around the world!

Life is not measured by the wealth you owned

nor the years you lived;

but the numbers of hearts you have touched

and the difference you have made for them.


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