7 January 2009 (Wednesday) @ 0922hrs, DS and I landed at Bayan Lepas International airport on SQ192.  Here we are in the hot and sunny Island of Penang for our 6-day holiday!

As a “putri lilin” who is very afraid of hot sun, a cool/cold weathered country is always my ideal holiday destination.  DS and I were thinking of a cold, snowy holiday in either Nagano or Sapporo, Japan but we decided to change it to Penang as I had not recovered from my nose infection by the time we had to finalise our holiday plan.

Another reason for choosing Penang was that this island holds some special memories for DS and I.  In recent years, I have been thinking of visiting Penang again but somehow, we always had other travel priorities over Penang.  It is great that we finally made it this time. 😉

20 years ago when DS was still a very young man (he is still young today!), he visited Penang for the first time with his colleagues.  It was during that trip that he first flew on an airplane in his life!

My first trip to Penang goes back to 1979 (that long ago!) when I was still a lower Secondary school student and a member of my school band.  That year, my school band, as one of the reputable bands in Johor state, was honoured to be invited to perform at the annual Pesta Pulau Pinang (Penang Festival).  It was this invitation that gave me the opportunity to travel this far for the first time in my life (travelling was not that common, then).  During that trip, we had a little opportunity for sightseeing  but to be honest, my memories of Penang have already become very vague over the years.  What I remember best about the trip was all the hardwork – very long hours of marching and practising under the hot sun – but I didn’t mind at all then.  I became so dark that my classmate’s mum mistook me as a Malay!

So, what do we think of Penang and how have we enjoyed ourselves?

penang-collageClockwise from top left : Sleeping Buddha Temple, Kee Lok Si Temple, Botanical Garden, Peranakan Bridal Bed at Peranakan Mansion, Toy Museum, Gurney Drive food centre, City Hall, Char Kuay Tiao, Khoo Kong Si.

sunsetWatching sunset at Batu Ferringhi Beach after a very relaxing afternoon at Golden Sands Hotel.

Akan datang…..coming next.


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