Vacation at the Land of Char Koay Teow – Part I

Phew… I finally have time to write more about my recent vacation in Penang! The last couple of weeks leading up to Chinese New Year had been very hectic for DS and I, not that we were busy preparing for this festivity, but there were just too many activities going on!

One of the highlights of our holiday in Penang was food – local hawker food as what the island is famous for! DS was imagining savouring Char Kuay Tiao, his favourite hawker food, everyday in Penang. Well, that did not happen but he was not disappointed. Instead, we had a lot of Assam Laksa and of course, many other types of hawker food! Perhaps, it is more appropriate that I name this entry “Vacation at the Land of Assam Laksa” or “Vacation at the Land of Hawker Food”!

Hawker food in Penang was really good, and mind you, the best are found in shabby, old coffee shops or stalls. We wished we had more time to savour more!

Below : Char Kuay Tiao (spelt as Char Kway Teow in Singapore) . charkoayteow

We asked our driver cum tour guide to take us to a place to savour delicious Char Koay Teow and we were taken to Kafe Heng Huat at Lorong Selamat. We had to wait for 50 minutes for our order to be served, at non-peak hours but it was worth the long-wait as it was really good, known to be the best in Penang!

Below : Assam Laksaassam-laksa

Almost all the Assam Laksa were very yummy except the one we had at Traders Hotel. DS found it too fishy. The best was the one that we had at a small, old coffee shop downtown, recommended by our driver cum tour guide again. I am not a fan of Assam Laksa but I had thoroughly enjoyed it while in Penang. In our home trip (after Penang) for an early family re-union dinner two weekends ago, DS had the opportunity to try the Assam Laksa in Old Town Batu Pahat but that did not impress him at all. The taste was nowhere near the ones we had in Penang!

penang-foodTop down, from left to right : Ice Kacang, Fried Oysters, Fried Spring Rolls, Fish Head Curry, Nasi Istimewa (Fried rice with satay, chicken and egg), Chendol, Lor Bak (or Ngoh Hiang as we called it in Singapore), Lor Mee, Koay Teow Soup, White Coffee, Hae Mee (Prawn Noodles), Curry Rice and Teh Tarik, Man Chiang Kueh (with banana fillings) and Nasi Lemak.

That’s how much we had indulged ourselves in the land of hawker food, in our 6-day holiday there! Oh yes, we also tasted very delicious Chocolate Moiste Cake and Blueberry Cake from Secret Recipe, as well as Nasi Kandar!

Fortunately, There is a gym room in Traders hotel where we put up that enabled us to burn off some calories in the mornings before we ventured out. This was the first time we had actually made good use of the gym facilities in the hotels we have stayed during our holidays and this really helped. We were glad that we did not put on any weight by the time we got back! 😀

This trip also turned out to be a shopping trip, unexpectedly! Just looked at how much we have bought! It was rare for DS to have such a luxury of time to shop and he happily brought back eight shirts (including a pullover by Gap) that he chose from various shops in Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall, the newest and largest shopping mall in Penang.


More to follow……



  1. Hi, yr Penang trip looks very interesting. I thot of going this nov. can u give me yr driver cum tour guide contact?

  2. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I am afraid I do not keep the full name and contact number of the driver cum guide. I only remember him as Mr Leow, and he was recommended to us by the concierge staff of Trader’s Hotel (part of Shangri-La group of hotels) downtown Penang. He is a retired man working on a freelance basis.

    I believe the concierge staff of Trader’s Hotel will be able to help you to reach Mr Leow, if you approach them.

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