2030hrs – 2130 hrs

What will you be doing?

Why not take part in Earth Hour 2009?


2,140 cities, towns and municipalities in 82 countries have already committed to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009, as part of the world‘s first global election between Earth and global warming (source of photo and information : Earth Hour Website)

到时、老公和我一定会以行动来支持这一个活动。家里的灯也将熄了, 因为我们都不会在家!我们将会到新加坡室内体育馆出席林俊杰的世界巡回演唱会!就不知道主办单位当晚是不是也会来个熄灯一小时呢? 很难想像那将会是怎样的一场演唱会,对吗?

DS and I will surely support this initiative. All lights at our home will be switched off during that hour because we will not be home! We will be attending JJ Lin’s World Tour Concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I wonder if the concert organiser will also be switching off the lights at that hour? It is hard to imagine how the concert is going to be like, isn’t it?


认真的说,如果当晚我们有在家, 我们也会支持这项活动、为保护地球尽一小点的力。

On a serious note, even if we were to be at home this Saturday night, we will also support this initiative, and play our part in caring for our environment. In fact, apart from such a once-a-year, one-hour initiative, there are more we could do to help reduce electricity consumption in our daily lives, as long as we pay some attention. In the past months, I have chosen to :

更认真的说,除了这样的一个一年一度、一小时的活动以外, 实际上在我们日常生活里, 只要多注意, 还是能够为减少电量的消耗、保护地球作出多一点点的贡献的。过去的几个月我选择了:

  • 不再用电水壶 – stop using electric thermo-flask
  • 抹地、烫衣时不再开冷气 – not to turn on air-con when doing house chores like mopping floor and ironing clothes
  • 白天尽量少用冷气 – reduce the use of air-con during the day-time
  • 晚上在家时, 只在有人的地方开灯。 比如说如果老公和我都在书房的话, 那么就只有书房的灯是亮着的 – switch of all the lights when we leave the rooms or any part of the house.
  • 睡觉时, 也尽量不用冷气而改用点风扇。 其实这样皮肤也不会那么干燥 – use the electric fan instead of air-con at nights, whenever possible. In fact, this helps to reduce my dry-skin problem.

这样不但有助于减低电源的消耗,也减少我们的电费开支。 就这么简单。一举两得,何乐而不为呢。

All these not only help to reduce electricity consumption, but also to reduce my electricity bills. It is that easy. Killing two birds with one stone. Why not?


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