I just got inspired to write a blog entry after reading Sumiko Tan’s article on 31 May 2009 on making a wish. You may think it is easy but given just one wish to make, it is certainly not as easy as it seems. Of course it would help if you could wish to be granted more wishes, but to make sense, that has to be an exclusion from the wish.

What would be your one wish in front of the wishing well?
What would be your one wish?

If you watch the Heroes TV drama series, where there are lots of superhuman abilities to wish for, what do you think would be the best superhuman ability to wish for? I think the ability of Claire Bennet character to be able to heal herself instantaneously of any injuries would probably be the best. Think of it. If you wish for any other abilities such as great strength, turning metals to gold, flying, mind-reading, etc, you could still die from it, and all the power or riches of the world would be of no good then. But I certainly won’t be wishing for this ability as I think immortality could be a real pain. Because most people around you will grow old and die, I can imagine that it is quite painful to live through so many such cycles of death. And you could possibly get tired of living one day, and that would really be unfortunate because there’s no way to die, with such an ability.

Even though it is great to have a wish come true, I think one wish is just not enough for most of us. If you wish for wealth, or anything other than good health, you may get a fatal illness and die from it. Even if you have the ability to time travel or see the future, you are still basically mortal and can die from it. So, it seems that the best wish should be related to good health as everything else is secondary. However, even with good health, you can suffer from unhappiness, loneliness, ugliness, death through accidents, and so many other negative stuffs in the world, so that top-of-the-world feeling can’t probably be achieved with just one wish.

So, what is the best way to utilise the wish? I think it should be something along the line of being taught to fish rather than being given a fish. So, I will wish for a simple but effective ability to be able to solve any problem in the world. In other words, whether it is a problem with health or wealth, physical or mental, in medical or financial industry, with human or machines, ie, practically any problem one can have in the world, I want to be able to solve it. This is like a wish for wisdom, except that the wisdom is of the highest order with nothing that it cannot handle or solve. I think this ability should be good enough for anybody. In fact we probably just need one person in the whole world to have it, as long as the ability is shared and put to good use for mankind. After all, I think the objective of the world and the human race is to progress or make progress, and whether we do it slowly or quickly, as long as we are progressing, life in the future would be better for everybody. And making progress comes from having solutions to the world’s problems.

So, the next time you are granted a wish, I hope you know exactly what to wish for. 🙂



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