Oh, what a hot, hot…day!

At noon, out of curiosity, I took the thermometer in my bedroom out to the service balcony, to check out the temperature. The reading, just barely after a few minutes, was shocking! It was this hot….


I think the Peperomia plant in my balcony is getting sick – thanks to the extreme hot weather! 😦


This is the only plant I now have in my small service balcony. I have never liked gardening when I was young but since I moved to my current home many years ago, I started to try to have a couple of plants (including a Chili Padi plant) in my service balcony. Perhaps, I just don’t have the so-called green-fingers. Most of the plants, unfortunately, did not survive after a while except money plant which is very easy to grow, and this Peperomia plant which I bought from a florist in Takashimaya a few years! In fact, it has grown quite a lot since. So, I count it an “achievement” to be able to keep it this long!

Money plant in my living room
Money plant in my living room

I just hope that my Peperomia plant will survive this hot weather, under my tender loving care!

Though the heat is getting a little unbearable lately but this is certainly not the worst I have ever experienced. I shall never forget an experience in Chennai (India), in May 2002, when DS and I had a short trip there (in fact, DS was on a business trip). The weather there was even hotter than Singapore, so hot that we just felt as if we were in a hot oven the moment we stepped out of the hotel room, and we just didn’t feel like moving at all. Fortunately, hiring a driver was affordable, and we were able to move around in the comfort of an air-con car, chartered from the hotel. I remember a trip down the Marina Beach there was quite a sight! The beach was packed with people, and what actually amazed me was their attires. All of them on their usual attires, including saris! We could not spot anyone wearing swimming attires or even shorts, despite such hot weather. I took my hats off them!

Marina Beach, Chennai, India, May 2002.Marina Beach, Chennai, India, May 2002.

Going to the beach or having a dip into the pool in this extreme hot weather is definitely not my choice. Being one who is very afraid of the hot sun, and the heat, I would still prefer to stay in, in the comfort of my home. And if I happened to be out there in Takashimaya, I will pamper myself with my favourite black sesame and green tea ice-cream by Azabu!

azabu ice-cream

I look forward to year-end, when I can enjoy the windy and cooling weather again! I always think that there is no better time than year-end, as far as the weather in Singapore is concerned.


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