Techniques for overcoming insomnia are plentiful. Counting bouncy little sheep leaping over a fence is probably the most well-known. Recently, I tried this (not that I have frequent insomnia) after failing to sleep for about 2 hours and found that it was not very effective, so I ‘invented’ a variation of it.

Aircraft Carrier

I imagined myself looking from the back of an aircraft carrier and counting the airplanes taking off one by one. And to my surprise the next day, I realised that I had fallen asleep before even counting to 50! Well, maybe it worked because I like the airplanes better than sheep, but seriously I think certain forms of counting may work as there is a psychological effect of keeping the mind focused on something boring or keeping it away from other more stress-inducing thoughts.

Won’t you give it a try and let me know how well it works for you too? It might be better to imagine the aircraft taking off when exhaling and getting ready to take off when inhaling.


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