Here we are looking forward excitedly to watching F1 night race – the 2009 F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix next month – for the first time ever in our lives!

We bought the 3-Day Bay Grandstand passesF1 passes

Frankly, DS and I are not fans of F1 races and I wonder if we would ever be! And we know very little about F1 Grand Prix, apart from a few prominent names like Michael Schumacher who has retired, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa (unfortunately Massa will not be in the Singapore night race this year due to his recent injury).

However, I have friends who are really fans of the Grand Prix, to the extent of travelling out of Singapore to Malaysia and as far as Japan and Melbourne, and even flew all the way from London to Singapore, just to watch the races live. A British friend of mine even took leave to be a volunteer for the first night race in Singapore last year.

Well, I suppose I would never understand what’s so attractive and enjoyable about watching the races live, until I experience it myself next month. I think even if I don’t enjoy it, I will still be happy to have experienced it at least once in my life-time. It is a case of “Been There, Done It”! 🙂

Oh yes, taking the kind advice from my friend in the UK, I had better get ready two pairs of ear plugs before I go to the races.


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