Kelvin Tan Wei Lian (陈伟联) would have remained obscure his whole life had he not joined the 2005 Project Super Star singing competition by Mediacorp. I did not follow the show at first, and only towards the last 2 episodes did I get to know about him and was really captivated by his emotive voice.

I remembered then that there was a controversy or misunderstanding in the competition that he was advancing based on sympathy votes and not real talent. Of course I didn’t agree and voted for him to win and was certainly delighted that he did.


A touching rendition – Wei Lian singing “Qi Shi Ni Bu Dong Wo De Xin” (You Don’t Know My Heart) live. This was one of his songs at the final of 2005 Project Super Star

Wei Lian is certainly extraordinary and I always looked forward to his new albums.

His latest album, Moving Notes, is still as good as the first two, and certainly would be my most played album for quite a while. I just love the songs that are so touching when sung by him. In this album, track number 11, The Big Sea (大海), is my favourite, and track number 05, Breakup Letter (分手的情书), is a close second. Out of 11 tracks, I like 9 of them quite well, and two might just need some more listening so the album is certainly a very good buy.

陈伟联的第三张专辑-走唱(2009)Wei Lian Album3

陈伟联的大海 MV

陈伟联的第一和第二张专辑 - 我只是想要…..(2006) 和 i伟联(2007)Wee Lian Album1&2

陈伟联第一次上台湾电视节目-快乐星期天の快乐歌喉站(2007年), 演唱火柴天堂。好一个动人心弦的演唱!

Another excellent yet touching rendition by Wei Lian – singing “Huo Chai Tian Tang” (Matchstick Heaven) in his first TV appearance in Taiwan (2007). Note the comments from the Taiwanese judges.

Somehow, I feel that his first 2 albums have more touching songs. This latest album has two, and I hope Wei Lian is not changing his style to become more ‘ordinary’! Jay Chou doesn’t need to change his style and I believe many of his fans will continue to like his style, and so I think Wei Lian can afford to stick to what he does best by belting out touching songs. I didn’t buy any of Kelly Poon’s (潘佳丽) and Sin Huey’s (Xin Hui’s 石欣慧) albums so you can imagine how competitive professional singing is, and I am a person that buys about 50 CDs a year (I support Sun Yan Zi 孙燕姿, Joi Chua蔡纯佳, JJ Lin 林俊杰 and Jocie Guo 郭美美 though).

Anyway, I certainly hope for many more good years to come for Wei Lian, and I will always be his fan if he can maintain his style.



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