Can you guess what this is?



Did you guess it right? It is a box of moon cakes from Golden Peony Restaurant of Conrad Centennial Hotel.


The packaging though looks deceptive and non-traditional, it is very unique and practical. Each moon cake is individually wrapped, thus maintaining a good hygiene standard, and the box can be re-used as a storage box for items like costume jewelleries! What a creative design! I was very attracted by it when I went shopping for moon cakes at the Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Festival Bazaar (basement 2) two days ago. I think this is probably the most impressive packaging I have seen this year! But of course, this was not the reason I decided to buy a box home.

The Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Bazaar was rather busy on last Friday’s afternoonTaka Bazaar

When choosing my choice of moon cakes, quality has to come first. This means that the skin of the moon cakes must not be too oily nor too dry, the lotus paste has to be very fine and smooth and not too sweet, and the egg yolks are of good quality too.

I love moon cakes, especially those with egg yolks. This year, DS and I have decided to continue with our annual feast for this special Chinese festival after a break last year. This is what we have bought so far….what a treat, isn’t it?

I don’t really like the Da Zhong Guo moon cakes but there are hardly any good choices for black bean paste fillings which DS likes.


Most likely I am going to buy more moon cakes when I finish eating these! I can eat one whole piece in one sitting! 😀


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