After talking about it for over a year, DS and I finally made it to the MacRitchie trails yesterday, for the first time in our lives!

Our first attempt to go on the MacRitchie trails in November 2008 was unsuccessful due to the rainy weather. Thank God for the very beautiful weather yesterday despite it being rainy season now, and it was like a dream come true for me. However, it turned out that the trails were not as interesting as Pulau Ubin and Southern Ridges. Furthermore, the only attraction for us, the HSBC Tree Top Walk was also not as spectacular as we had anticipated. So, that was a slight disappointment.

The HSBC Treetop Walk is about 45 minutes’ walk from the Venus entrance.

Entrance to HSBC Treetop Walk which is open from 9am to 5pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. It closes on Mondays except Public Holidays.

Officially opened in November 2004, this suspension bridge is of 250m long, and up to 25m above ground level

MacRitchie Reservoir, seen from HSBC Treetop Walk

Lots of up-and-down steps right after the Treetop Walk

Oh, there is a well but no water in it!

This part of the path is a more pleasant one, and it reminds me of the walk-board at Pulau Ubin

Monkeys (Macaque), monitor lizards and lots of ants can be found along the way. These monkeys remind us of the Botanical Garden in Penang

This ant is really huge. Wonder if it is poisonous?

We had an interesting discovery – the existence of inedible durians!

Then there was a stream

Remnants of one of the hardwood timber species. Once a giant tree, this timber is now home to simple plants, insects, fungus and other microorganisms

The Jelutong Tower seems to be another attraction. We did not make it up there as it was packed with lots of school students when we reached there

We finally reached the MacRitchie Reservoir and the scenery from this point on is beautiful. Many students seemed to enjoy having a break by the reservoir though the sun was scorching hot. I was hiding under the shade when this shot was taken.

MacRitchie Reservoir next to SICC (Singapore Island Country Club) is the most beautiful part of the entire trail

SICC – beautiful green and lovely sky. What a beautiful day!

If you are considering going on the trails, be prepared for very long walk with some rough paths along the way. There is only one toilet stop at the Rangers’ Stations before the HSBC Treetop Walk and hardly any resting place. It is also important to bring along enough drinking water.

The early part of our trails was like walking in the jungle, far away from civilization

Rangers’ Station before the Treetop Walk. The only toilet stop is available here. They also provide water coolers here.

More uneven paths on the last leg of our trails

In about one and a half hours, we walked a distance of nearly 8km, 13,324 steps and burned 373 calories.

I think it is good to experience the MacRitchie trails for once but I would say, that’s enough for us. Unlike Pulau Ubin or Southern Ridges, I don’t think we would ever consider going on the MacRitchie trails again. I am sure there are better nature trails in Singapore that we can explore in future.


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