I visited Resorts World Sentosa, the much talked about integrated resort in Singapore, this afternoon for the first time.

I was not planning to visit the Resort this soon since it is not fully opened yet.  However, as DS was attending a full-day seminar there, I decided to check out the place with my uncle and auntie who were in town from Ipoh (Malaysia), before meeting up with DS for dinner in the evening.

There are several ways to get to the Resort from the main island of Singapore.  We chose to take the shuttle bus from Vivo City which sent us to the doorstep of the casino in less than 10 minutes.  It was very convenient but I think the fares of S$2 per person per trip is a little too costly for such a short distance.

The casino has certainly attracted a lot of interest.  Is this just an initial craze?  There were lots of people at the lobby in front of the Casino although it was a weekday afternoon.   Many of them are middle-aged or silver-haired people.  My observation was that many of them came under group tours, perhaps from Malaysia.   I have heard that my cousin from Malacca has already been to the Casino twice since its opening on Chinese New Year, and two-way transport (by bus) between Malacca and Resorts World Sentosa costs only RM20 (S$8.50)!  There were also continuous streams of people going in and out of the Casino.  I wonder how much the business of the Casino at Genting Highlands Malaysia has been affected!

Singaporeans to pay their S$100 per-entry levy here.

Not wanting to pay for the S$100 levy just to check out the casino (though I was keen, to be frank), I walked around the resort while my uncle and auntie were in the casino.

The walkway linking the casino and the four hotels – Hard Rock Hotel, Festive Hotel, Crockfords Tower and Hotel Michael

This way to Festive Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel.  Along the way, you can find shops like Victoria’s Secret, Swarovski etc.

Lobby of Festive Hotel.  The overall design and decorations are very nice, simple and elegant.

Lots of colourful and attractive art pieces in the lobby area of Festive Hotel

This way to Crockfords Tower and Hotel Michael.  Many more branded shops here, like Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, Cartier, Bvlgari, Rolex etc.

Fat Adam and Eve at the lobby between Crockfords Tower and Hotel Michael.  How do I know they are Adam and Eve?  Can you see the apple next to the right foot of Eve?

This way to Crockfords Tower with more shops on both sides

A good view of the giant Merlion on Sentosa Island, from Festive Walk

Fully-sheltered Festive Walk.

Seats on both sides of the stairway at Festive Walk allow visitors to have a rest or even watch performances in front of Lake of Dreams

Lake of Dreams

Exterior of the hotels seen from Festive Walk

Entertainments at Festive Walk



Obviously, Universal Studios Singapore is a big hit in Resorts World Sentosa. Although it is only due to be officially opened two days later, it has already attracted many people.  No one would want to miss taking photos outside the entrance, especially in front of the rotating globe.

The main entrance

Ticket booths on both sides of the entrance.  Tickets for 18, 19, 20 and 21 March have already been sold out prior to the opening on 18 March.

I have not been to the Universal Studios in the US but having just spent a wonderful Christmas Day in USJ (Universal Studios Japan) in Osaka last December, I was not very impressed with the exterior of Universal Studios Singapore at all.  The rotating globe in Universal Studios Singapore seems smaller, as compared to the one in USJ.

Grand entrance of Universal Studio Japan in Osaka

The rotating globe with beautiful landscape surrounding it in USJ, and lots of space for resting and hanging around.

I was also surprised and disappointed to find out that the official operating hours for the Universal Studios Singapore is from 9am to 6pm only on weekdays, and the same for weekends during the soft opening period.  This means visitors can not expect any night parade like the one we had thoroughly enjoyed in USJ.  The Magical Starlight Night Parade in USJ is a must-see for all visitors and USJ closes at 9pm, even during winter.

Photos taken from USJ website.  For more photos on this parade, please visit my photo album for USJ.

Nevertheless, DS and I surely have plans to visit Universal Studios Singapore in future.  We are even considering if we should get the annual passes as we expect we are going to visit not just once but many times with kids.  Our nieces and nephews from New Zealand and Malaysia are already eying on this attraction!


I am also looking forward to my lunch appointment with my two good friends at the Starz restaurant in Hard Rock Hotel on the 27th of  this month! 🙂


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