DS and I have developed some similar liking for food over the years, and quite often we think of eating the same food!  However, this does not mean there are no differences at all.

He is always more adventurous when it comes to food, and also always keen to try out new choices featured on magazines or newspapers.  This, I must admit, is very different from me who will always take the advertorial with a pinch of salt.  Perhaps, it is because I have a more skeptical character.

Last Sunday, we went to Ramen Santouka (located at Cuppage Terrace off Orchard Road) to try out its Hakkaido ramen which is said to be the best in town, according to a Japanese teacher of mine.  It was also featured on 8-Days magazine as “mouthwatering ramen that keeps diners coming back for more”!  DS, being a fan of ramen, was really looking forward to it!

We were there at about 5pm, and we were soon disappointed that their signature Tokusen Toroniku Shio Ramen which is said to be a must-try, had already been sold out.  So, DS ordered a Shoyu Ramen instead, while my younger sister had Shio Ramen.

Shoyu Ramen

Shio Ramen

I love most Japanese food but am never interested in ramen. I think for the reasons that I am not a pork eater, and I am very sensitive to food that has a pork flavour in it.  Ramen’s intensely flavoured pork broth certainly puts me off.  So I ordered a plate of salad and a Komi Tamago (braised egg) which I was satisfied with my choices.  I love eggs since I was a child!

I had a small sip of the broth and a bite of the noodles.  Indeed, the noodles were very springy, but not the broth, which was very salty and has an overly intense pork flavour as far as I am concerned.  Surely, it is not my cup of tea, as I expected.

Both DS and my younger sister found the ramen good enough but surely not so great that will make them wanting to go back for more!

Well, food preference is something very personal and it could just be the case of one man’s meat is another man’s poison!

This reminds us of the very delicious, in fact the best-ever ramen we had ever tasted, while touring in Osaka last December.  For a non-ramen eater like me, for the first time, I had enjoyed a bowl of ramen!

Ippuudou (一風堂)Ramen shop at Ikeda City.  Note the motto of the restaurant “Your happiness of eating this ramen makes us happy“, so we were glad that we did not miss it!

This restaurant is located near Ikeda train station, and it is just a short walk away from the Momofuku Instant Ramen Museum

Obviously it was a popular ramen shop.  We had to queue for about 15-20 minutes on that day to get our seats.  However,  service was very efficient, we were given the menu to make our order while waiting.

While in the restaurant, customers are given a basket each to place their belongings such as bags, jackets etc.  I find this a very considerate service.  If only more restaurants in Singapore could be as considerate!

Interior of the restaurant, small but cozy.  Customers have the choices of sharing a big table or taking counter seats.

DS’ choice – highly recommended by the restaurant staff

My choice – can’t remember the name now.

Free-flow of Japanese ice-tea…..

…and free-flow of pickles!

Two bowls of ramen and a plate of 8-piece gyoza costs us about S$32 and this was definitely worth the try! We felt happy and satisfied as we stepped out of the restaurant.


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