Being a Singaporean for almost 18 years now, it was truly an eye-opening experience to be able to join thousands of people at the Padang last Monday (9 August) to celebrate Singapore’s 45th birthday.  I loved the great atmosphere throughout the celebration and had truly enjoyed the NDP (National Day Parade) in a way totally different from viewing the live telecast at home.  I am also thankful to have been successful in getting two precious tickets through the ballot system for the first time.  We had been applying for the tickets since the ballot system started many years ago.

Large crowds making their way to the Padang

Lots of early birds despite the hot sunny weather.

VIP seats for the Parliamentarians in front of City Hall

The 1000-student One Voice Show Choir

LIVE OUR DREAMS, FLY OUR FLAGS – this year’s NDP theme

The four hosts for the event – Gurmit Singh, Michelle Chia, Suhaimi Yusoff and Denise Keller

Appearance of Marly and Lyo – two mascots for the inaugural YOG (Youth Olympic Games) to be held in Singaporer 14-26 August 2010.

Appearance of Team Singapore

1WO Ng Seng Huat, the final of the eight Parachutists from the Red Lions that wowed the crowds

The eight parachutists waving to the crowds upon completion of their mission

30 Contingents ready for the Parade and Ceremony

Combined Band with students from the NCC Band and members from the SAF Band and Police Band

Regimental Colours Party

Arrival of Senior Minister, Mr Goh Chok Tong and Minister Mentor, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Arrival of Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong

Getting ready for the arrival of the President, Mr SR Nathan

Arrival of the President

NDP 2010 – Nice!

State Flag Flypast – A CH-47 Chinook and two AH-64 Apache

President Salute – Five F-16 Fighters.  Prior to these were three F-15SG Fighters

Inspection by the President

Fire of Joy

The Parade

Another Aerial Flypast by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).  This is the final of the series of flypast – five F-16 Fighters performing an electrifying bomb burst, painting the sky with their smoke tails.

Mobile Column, said to be the best ever!  This is the first time I have ever seen all these!

The second part of the celebrations was a show put up by thousands of performers, consisting of 4 Acts. Thanks to the very talented man, Dick Lee who was the Show Maker for this year’s show!

Kit Chan singing HOME which is the NDP song for year 2004.  I would say this is the best NDP Song ever!

After the event, I couldn’t help feeling even more thankful to the organiser and all involved for putting up such a fantastic celebration event  for the people.  It is certainly a very challenging and complicated task considering  the amount of preparations and logistics involved.  Not forgetting to mention all the rehearsals and previews.  The thoughtfulness of the organising committee is also well reflected in the Fun Totes (goodies bags) given out to each and every attendee which quite frankly, I don’t think we deserve at all.

Each of us was given a Sunshine bread roll……

….and a Fun Tote.  There are 7 designs of Fun Tote specially created for NDP2010 by local designers. We received the two most colourful ones. 🙂

Content of the Fun Tote – national flag, flag clapper with light, two bottles of water (include a bottle of NeWater), NDP Magazine, Fun Box, poncho, 3 batteries for the clapper, Courtesy Lion fan, and a thick booklet of discount vouchers.  That many!  Oh, I love the NDP Magazine!!  It is so well done and informative!!

In the Fun Box – stickers, tattoo stickers, 3 packets of Khong Guan biscuits, Nestle Koko Krunch, Eu Yan Sang candies, 2 packets of drinks, wet and dry tissues, badge, post card and even hand sanitizer!  Thanks to all sponsors!

There was even a plastic for rubbish!

But shame on all these irresponsible Singaporeans.  Just look at the rubbish thrown here and there!

As we made our way out of Padang, workers have already started their hard work to clean up the mess.

Please click HERE for my NDP 2010 photo album.

The NDP 2010 will certainly be something special and memorable to me even though I must admit that DS and I somehow no longer feel so attached to the country now as the country has changed so much and don’t feel like the old Singapore anymore.  I still feel proud to be a Singaporean although as a matter of fact, I do not like the increasingly crowded environment and seemingly less gracious society.

That night, for the first time ever, I had the opportunity to sing our National Anthem loud and with pride.


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