Life hasn’t been very exciting or interesting lately, so that’s my excuse for not posting any entries in the past month! 🙂

When DS and I were in Orchard area last week, we saw that some decorations have already been put up in preparation to welcome the Christmas festivity. It is the time of the year again! I certainly look forward to taking a stroll down Orchard Road for some photography when the lights are on!

Christmas in the Tropics 2010 : 20 Nov 2010 – 2 Jan 2011

This also means that year-end is soon approaching! In less than two months’ time, we will be bidding goodbye to the first decade of the new Millennium.  I just can’t help feeling that time is slipping away so quickly.  Perhaps, it is because I have not been doing or achieving much so far in 2010.

Talking about bidding goodbye, I have just parted with the 17 pieces of snoopy which have already discoloured, when I had a spring-cleaning of my kitchen recently.  Though our home is always kept in a tidy and clean condition, spring-cleaning is still a yearly routine that I will try to carry out and it is a time for me to discard things that are old or not useful anymore!  🙂  I collected these snoopy from McDonald’s.  I can’t remember how long I have kept them but I certainly can’t forget that I had to eat many McDonald’s meals and even solicit the help of my younger sister and DS to get them.  Still, I didn’t manage to get the complete set.  I also have a lot of Hello Kitty collected from McDonald’s!  Those were the days when I was so crazy over stuff like these!


These are the few books that are keeping me a little occupied lately.  I am used to reading only one book at a time, but recently, I have tried to adopt a different style by reading few books interchangeably to keep my interest going.  I am not sure if this has anything to do with age (of course, I am not that old yet!), but my ability to focus on my reading seems to have weakened these days.  I thought this had to do with my eyesight but the condition does not seem to have improved much even with my new pair of spectacles!

I shall write about food in my next entry.  It has been a while since I last wrote about food…..


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