Recently, my Japanese language teacher who was about to return to Japan asked during the class, the food that she should try before leaving the country.  Of course, having stayed in Singapore for many years, she is already familiar with the wide range of Singapore’s local foods.

Without a second thought, my answer to her was fish-head curry.  It turned out that she has never tried it before! I am not sure if she did eventually but I always think that this is something that one should not miss when in Singapore.  I have English friends who enjoyed it, and I have also recommended it to our American Chinese friend who liked it too.  It is also a dish that I always enjoy eating although I don’t eat it that often.

For the benefit of foreigners who do not know, fish-head curry is a dish created by Singapore’s Malayalee (an Indian ethnic group from Kerala) community with some Chinese and Malay influences.  It is generally cooked with vegetables like okra (ladies finger), egg-plant, big onion, pineapple as well as tau pok although there is a variety in terms of taste and style (like Nyoya style, assam style etc.). It is usually served with either rice or bread. It is a common dish easily available anywhere in Singapore, be it in the restaurants or small coffee shops.

These are some of the fish-head curry we have tasted so far.

Fish-head curry from Muthu’s Curry @ Little India

Fish-head curry from Segar Restaurant near Bedok Central

Fish-head curry from a coffee shop at Bedok Central

Fish-head curry from Different Taste Restaurant @ Frankel Avenue

Fish-head curry in assam style, from a coffee shop at Chai Chee

We have also tried the Peranakan fish-head curry at Simply Peranakan Restaurant at Esplanade.  Most of the fish-head curries are good.  DS likes the one at the coffee shop at Bedok Central called Curry House.  It has a very home-made natural taste without the usual strong Indian curry flavour.  It is rather spicy though.  I think I like Muthu’s the best so far as it has a sourish flavour which I like.

If you have not tasted fish-head curry before, then I think it is worth a try  🙂


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