Recently, DS and I went for dinner at Ku De Ta on the Sands Skypark at the Marina Bay area.  Singaporeans would know that the Sands Skypark at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Integrated Resort, is one of the hottest attractions in town lately.

I always love the beautiful skyline of that part of Singapore especially at night, and I just couldn’t help feeling a thrill of excitement as I counted down to that day!

We decided to go up there so that we could get to enjoy the gradual transformation from evening to night.  I always find it a very exhilarating experience to observe such a change, although DS and I have had several such experience during our holidays in places like Paris, Salzburg, Auckland and Seoul.  The feeling is different each time.

The spectacular night scene, coupled with the cool breeze at this time of the year, and the delicious food at Ku De Ta (modern Asian cuisine) made it a very enjoyable and memorable night for us.  Thank God for the good weather!

The financial hub of Singapore just before dark

One Fullerton and Fullerton Hotel.  At the background is Singapore River and Boat Quay (with rows of restaurants and shops by the river)

Getting darker….

In total darkness now…Esplanade Theatres on the Bay and its vicinity

The lotus-shape Artscience Museum of MBS which is still under construction.  It is scheduled to open on 17 February 201l, according to a newspaper report

I didn’t bother to snap some shots on the food at Ku De Ta though.

I appreciate the good service standard at the restaurant although I think that there is still room for improvement in the area of their reservation service.  DS has had such a difficulty getting through their reservation line that he had to finally resort to calling the general line of MBS to seek their help.  Dining timing was rather rigid too. We had to choose from three time slots at 6pm, 8pm and 10pm, as if guests are allowed to dine for two hours only!   Despite a well in-advance booking, we were most disappointed that we were allocated a table right inside the restaurant, next to the indoor bar counter, with no view at all. The restaurant was extremely noisy that night.  It was dark and the table was very small.  That has in a way affected our overall dining experience.  So, what’s the point of promoting the restaurant as “the venue offers patrons a 360 degree panoramic view of the city’s skyline and Straits of Singapore” when there is no guarantee of getting a table with a good view at all despite booking a few weeks in advance??  It is also not true that “guests are given the option of either enclosed or al fresco dining with 230 seats to choose from”, as stated on its website.  We didn’t have a choice at all!

I am quite sure that I will not be interested to dine at Ku De Ta again unless someone is giving me a treat! 🙂 The dinner was not cheap and not worth it at all, especially for the fact that we did not even get a good view for what we paid!  To enjoy the view, I would rather pay for the entrance fees of S$20 per person.  This is a huge contrast to the dinner we had at Blissful Butterfly Chinese Restaurant at the Cultural Centre of Shanghai Expo in May.  For a price cheaper than what we paid at Ku De Ta, we were given a very comfortable seat with a great view overlooking the Lu Pu Da Qiao (LuPu Bridge, world’s second longest arch bridge).  We thoroughly enjoyed the quiet setting and the attentive service, not to mention the excellent quality of the food.  It was the most delicious vegetarian meal that we have ever had, and that made our trip very memorable!


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