Merry Christmas.

It is another Christmas but it is the last one for the first decade of the 21st century.  Wow, almost 10 years have past since we entered into the new millennium!

It is an extremely simple and quiet Christmas this year.  There was no turkey (we rarely had turkey at home though, since there are only two of us) or a lavish feast out with friend(s) but spending the afternoon watching DVDs and savouring the bryani rice that we like with a bottle of wine could be as enjoyable too.  In life, happiness and enjoyment can be that simple.

Not missing our tradition, my 5-feet Christmas tree is standing tall in one corner of my living room.  It is the same old Christmas tree that we have since we moved in to the first home we owned 14 years ago.  What made it special this year is that I put up the tree all by myself for the first time ever.  I feel proud of myself! 🙂 DS used to be the one doing all the set-up while my job was just to put on the ornaments.  To be cost and eco-friendly (haha, as if!), I have been using the same old ornaments for the last 3-4 years.  What is new this year are the 12 paper cranes that I added on.  They were made by me. 🙂

My paper crane

This year, we did away with our tradition of buying a log cake.  Instead, I baked a fruit cake using brandy.  This was the first time I attempted a Christmas fruit cake. Well, we have yet to taste it.  Perhaps soon.

Last weekend, DS and I took a stroll down Orchard Road for our photo-shoot on the Christmas light-up.  It has become a tradition for us to capture the memories of this special season of the year and my favourite time of the year.  Some of the shopping malls’ decorations are indeed very impressive.  I particularly like the ones by Tangs and Paragon but l would say the decorations on the street were disappointing, and the lights, dim.  I was expecting it to be even better than last year given that we have had a great year, from the economic point of view.

The colourful and cheerful decorations at Tangs with its theme “Live in harmony with one another – Romans 12:16” is the top winner of this year’s Christmas decorations. Really nice!

Forum Galleria

Paragon is another winner.  I like its simple and elegant feel.

Giant Christmas trees seem to be the trend these days.  They are everywhere.  This one in front of ION Orchard is a popular spot for photography.  It was still packed with people when we were there closed to midnight.

More photos of the Christmas decorations in various locations of Singapore can be found on my online album.  Please click here.

It has been many years since DS and I last attended the Handel’s Messiah oratorio during the Christmas season.  This is one oratorio that we love but it is not performed yearly here.  We have read that the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic has performed this at least once annually in Melbourne for 157 years, starting in its foundation year of 1853.  Wow, what a record!  We had spent Christmas in Melbourne in 1997.  How could we have missed it!

Hallelujah, one of the most famous movement in Messiah

One more week to go before we usher in the first new year of the second decade of the 21st century.  Tomorrow DS and I will embark on a 4-day cruise trip with my entire family.  This is the first time in my life-time to have a family trip!  Then, together with my niece from Malaysia, we will be down to Marina Bay on the 31st night for the Celebrate 2011 countdown event.  What a busy way to end the year! 🙂


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