I love trying out something new or different from my routines once in a while to make life a lot more interesting and meaningful.

Taking part in some sort of walkathon event has always been my desire.  I finally made it this morning when I participated in the ComChest Heartstrings Charity Walk 2011@ Marina Bay!! Thanks to my younger sister who has kindly agreed to join me in this event or it will be a lonely walk for me or I might not even have made it alone!  DS is still not keen in such an event.

Map of Heartstrings Charity Walk, taken from organisers’ website

My Photo Album of the ComChest Heartstrings Charity Walk 2011

For those who are not aware, I had undergone a total knee replacement surgery 10 years ago, and that limits me from all strenuous exercises such as running or ball games like tennis, squash or badminton.  Anyway, during my school days, I was never very active in sports, neither was I actually very good at it.  In primary school, my mum who was teaching in the same school that I went to, was never keen for me to be selected for sports events, so I never tried hard in this area (hope this is not a lame excuse!).  Moving on to secondary school, with a lot of time spent practising and performing as a band member, I was exempted from house practices and sports events.  However, there was one event that I always enjoyed and would never want to give it a miss.  That was the yearly cross-country event.

Looking at my elder brother and younger sister participating in the HSBC Marathon every year, how I wished I don’t have an artificial knee but be able to be join them in the run too.  Sometimes, I feel sad about my condition but on a more positive side, I have to be thankful that I am still able to lead a life as normal as any healthy person apart from strenuous exercises.  So, my best alternative would be the less strenuous walkathon.  I hope the event this morning is a good start for me, and I will be able to take part in more of such events in future.  I also hope to be able to convince DS to join me someday! 🙂

Some 5,000 participants waiting for the arrival of the Guest-of-Honour for the flag-off.  According to the website, the official flag-off time was 7:30am but we only found out that it was delayed to 8:05am when we arrived at the Event Plaza of Marina Bay Sands (MBS), the starting point for the walk.

The event was participated by many organisations too such as Institute of Mental Health, StarHubs etc.

Arrival of Guest-of-Honour, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.  Joining PM Lee in the flag-off were Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister of Environment and Water Resources and Mr Chan Chun Sing, Acting Minister of Community Development, Youth and Sports and a few others.

This was the first time I have ever seen PM Lee in person! 🙂

Waiting for the flag-off.   There was a warm-up exercise before the walk started but too bad, it was so congested that there was no space at all for the participants to stretch themselves!  Wished this had been better organised.

PM Lee and the rest taking their leave after the flag-off.  Why not joined us for the walk?  🙂

Stilt-walking entertainers at the starting point

A unique clock structure outside MBS ArtScience Museum

Crossing the Helix Bridge.  Wow, it was just so congested!

Olympic Park

Oh, I simply enjoyed the leisure walk at the scenic backdrop of the Marina Bay waterfront area.  My sister and I took an hour and five minutes to complete the 4km walk with many stops along the way to snap some photos.  We could have completed it in a shorter time if not for the congestion at some points along the way.

MBS and its ArtScience Museum.  I hope to visit the museum soon!

The Esplanade

Fullerton Hotel and Singapore’s financial district, taken from Anderson Bridge

Merlion Park

I spotted a turtle near Customs House!

A World United, an Olympic-themed sculpture commission by City Development Limited in partnership with Urban Re-development Authority, in celebration of Singapore 2010, the inaugural Youth Olympic Games. Nice!

One of the three courtesy lions along the Olympic Walk, the last leg of our walk.

Just before reaching the finishing point.  People were queuing up for their goodie bags.  There were a lot more people behind us!  We decided to give up ours after waiting for half an hour.  I wished the organiser had made a better arrangement for the distribution of the goodie bags!!

Simple but satisfying breakfast after the walk – Mee Siam at Qi Ji @ Marina Square before heading home.  😀

I FEEL GOOD! I hope I don’t get muscle ache tomorrow! 😀



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