Tung Lok Group of Restaurants, in particularly My Humble House, Lao Beijing, Tung Lok Seafood and Tung Lok Signature, are Chinese restaurants that DS and I love to go when we feel like pampering ourselves with a nice Chinese meal in a restaurant, once in a long while or for a special occasion.  This is simply because their food seem to suit our taste buds extremely well.

Last night, we were there again at Tung Lok Seafood located at Orchard Central, mainly for one reason – to savour its “Monk Jumps Over the Wall” Rice Dumpling.

It was during dinner that we recalled that we had actually gone to this same restaurant about the same time last year.  Then, we wanted to savour its black pepper crabs and since Dumpling Festival was around the corner, we ordered a dumpling as well although as a matter of fact, we had been disappointed with the dumpling before.

As in the past, we were pleased with our order last night although as usual, with only two of us, the options were limited and there was only so much that we could eat.  I think Chinese restaurant is always more suitable for a group of 5-6 people or more.

Fried brinjals with pork floss as starter.  Nice!

Sauteed fried beancurd with vegetables and mushrooms.  Nice!

Steamed garlic prawns.  Nice but I would prefer bigger prawns.

And finally the “Monk Jumps Over the Wall” Rice Dumpling after much waiting.  It costs S$18.90 each before 10% service charge and 7% GST.

But alas, how could we have forgotten about our last experience with the dumpling!  We were actually quite disappointed with this.  There were premium classical ingredients like braised pork, shark’s fin, abalone, fish maw and Spanish ham as described on its promotional flyer but really, the quantity for each each was just a little.  The taste was also not great to us.  For the same price, we would rather have about 10 of the traditional Bak Changs (rice dumplings) from Kim Choo Kueh Chang!   DS jokingly said that instead of Monk Jumps over the Wall, it was a case of Monk Bangs on the Wall on this choice!

We ended our meal with two good choices of desserts.  Fried banana pancake with red bean paste and mango sago cream with pomelo. That was a sweet ending!

Now that we have been twice ‘bitten’, I suppose Tung Lok wouldn’t be our choice again in future Dumpling Festivals.  But DS has recently tasted its Beijing Duck at Tung Lok Signature and claimed that it is very good, so we will head there next time for this very special dish. 🙂


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