It’s COOK AND SHARE A POT OF CURRY DAY today!  Have you taken part in this event?

As one who enjoys various kinds of curries, such as fish-head curry, chicken curry, and vegetables curry, how I can miss taking part in this event?

And here’s my yummy chicken curry today, cooked using chili paste from Prima (the best that I know), and fresh coconut milk squeezed from the grated coconut which I bought at the market this morning. Joining DS and I in this hearty meal today was my younger sister!

Curries, regardless of Indian, Chinese or Malay curries, are not only popular but also a love of many Singaporeans!  It is an important part of the food culture in our multi-racial society.   I learned how to make curry when I was still a school girl as I always had to help my late granny up in the kitchen.  My late granny was a great cook!

Back then, in my little hometown, there was no readily available chilli paste, and I shall never forget all the “hardship” of making it by pounding the various types of ingredients such as chilli, belachan, small onions, garlic, yellow ginger etc using a pestle and mortar.  Gone are those days and cooking curry has become so easy and convenient now with lots of choices of ready chili pastes.  So, give it a try one of these days, if you have yet to cook one!  It’s easy!


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