TAN SI MI (What Are We Waiting For)?

27 August, 2011 – A raining morning, a special day.

Singaporeans go to poll today to vote for their President, for the second time in the history of Singapore since 1993.

Presidential Election in Singapore has never been this interesting and exciting!  After the late Mr Ong Teng Cheong stepped down from his office as the first elected President (and fifth President) of Singapore in 1999, there has been no contest for this top post of the country.

So, thanks to all the four candidates who have come forward and make this election the most hotly contested one in the history of Singapore!  I certainly welcome this opportunity to vote although as a matter of fact, the result later tonight will be quite expected.

Some may think that with so many candidates, it would be a tough choice.  But, I think as long as we put aside our emotion, and do some “homework’ and thinking, the choice is clear.  And I hope everyone will do the same too.

There is something that I have not been able to understand.  Many associations and unions have come out to endorse a particular candidate.  I wonder why they have to do so and what the implication is?  With their endorsements, does that mean all members of those associations and unions are expected to do the same too? If this is the case, then how is each individual going to have the free will to exercise his/her very own rights and fulfill his/her duty as a citizen of the country in this election?  And, if like what has been said, members of these associations and unions are still given a choice to decide for themselves, then what is the meaning of such endorsements?  Somehow, I can’t help feeling there is never a fair-level playing field here.  Just my thought….

Anyway, I have voted and I am satisfied with my decision, no matter what the outcome is.  It is also heart-warming to know that quite a number of my friends share the same views as me when it comes to their thoughts and choice of the candidates.

Happy voting!!

A campaign video clip (in Teochew dialect) from Dr Tan Cheng Bok.  I think Dr Tan Cheng Bok has a great team of volunteers supporting him in his campaign but of course, this should not be the decisive factor on how one should vote.

And finally, this very good and interesting work of Singapore’s one and only Mr Brown!


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