Housing estate upgrade has always been used as a “carrot” by the ruling government here in Singapore to win the hearts of the people.  However, such a tactic is always debated, especially during General Election.  Many argued  that it is not fair to “penalise” the opposition wards, after all such upgrades involved taxpayers’ and also HDB flat owners’ money because owners who agree to an upgrade will need to fork out some money too.

On the other hand, when you stay in a ruling party’s ward, does that really mean that your housing estate will really be well taken care of?   Just have a good look on the following photos.

One corner of the void deck

Badly stained pillars

Another ugly sight

“Work in Progress” forever!  This door which has the access to the roof top of the lower part of the block used to be  locked tightly but after some renovation work in April/May this year, the door has been left in this manner for months.  One wonders what kind of work is now in progress as no workers have been seen! I also think that there is a serious breach of security here!

Badly stained floor and there has been no improvement even though this has been brought to the attention of the Town Council before.

An old and dirty ceiling lamp with its supposedly clear plastic cover that has already turned yellow/brown!

Ceiling light of the ground-floor lift lobby is no better

What a job by the Town Council!!

And when it comes to re-painting, what can we expect? Is it under HDB or Town Council?   A friend once mentioned to me that HDB blocks normally get re-painted about every 5 years.  I don’t know how true this is but one thing I know is that for almost nine years now my block has not been re-painted.

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised when I passed by the multi-storey carpark near my place.  I saw some foreign workers painting the car-park!  Wow, at long last!

But on second thought, why the car-park first?  Shouldn’t the housing blocks be given the priority?  Well, I think only the HDB or Town Council has the answer.   I have long given up calling the Town Council!  And my MP also does not seem interested in responding to my feedback.

So, who says your housing estate will be well taken care of, if you vote for the PAP??


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