Something nice to remember about the Presidential Election 2011 on 27 August – a photo diary of Dr Tan Cheng Bok’s  (Doc Tan) Presidential Campaign trail entitled “WE TOOK THEM ON”.

It is a very nice piece of work with a good collection of photographs on Doc Tan’s campaign trail.  I like the opening phrases by his Campaign Volunteers that read as follows :

We are ordinary Singaporeans,

We came on our own,

We believed in Doc,

We believed in his cause,

A Unifying Figure,

To put nation above politics,

We fought with passion,

We fought with dedication,

We won the hearts,

Of ordinary Singaporeans.

On that vote-counting night, DS and I eagerly stayed till the wee hours to watch the live telecast.  I was sad with the final outcome especially for the fact he lost by only 0.35% (7,382 out of 2.16 million voters) to the winner.  However, as a friend of mine put it – 一个虽败犹荣、另一个却是惨赢。 I found it very heart-warming and comforting to eventually learn that most of our friends who are also ordinary Singaporeans like DS and I, have voted for Doc Tan.

Already signed by Doc when we collected it on 16 October, 2011.  Each copy is sold at S$20 and proceeds go to Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA).

On the day of collection, there was already a long queue by the time we reached there at 1pm (collection time was 1pm – 4pm).

Doc was there to meet with his supporters, to sign the souvenirs and take photos with his supporters.  I was hoping to have a chance to meet him in person and have a photo taken with him and his wife too, but it was a pity that my wish did not come through due to the long queue, as DS and I had to rush for another appointment.

For those who have yet to see this clip – Doc can sing!

Doc, thanks again for contesting in PE 2011!


3 thoughts on “DOC TAN CHENG BOK – POST PE 2011 MEMORIES”

  1. Hi ! Any idea where i can get hold of this book. i wld like to buy a copy.. thks..

  2. Hi Hanifah,

    As far as I know, the book is not available for public sales. If you do have a Facebook account, I suggest you go to Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Facebook and leave a comment there to ask. I believe he or his administrator will reply to you. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a nice day!


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