11-11-11 – Once in every 100 hundred years.

Some perceived it as an auspicious or special day but there are also other contradicting views about this date.  Whatever it is, it is all in the mind.

Have you done anything special today?  To me, it is just another normal day but what made it a little bit different (I won’t even say special) is our lunch today.

What a timing!  At exactly 11:11am today, DS and I boarded Bus 32, and headed for lunch.

Taking bus at non-peak hour can be pleasant, as long as there are no inconsiderate, loud-speaking commuters!

111 Frankel Avenue – our lunch venue.  The unit number – another coincidence!  We have been here a few times, and the food has never disappointed us.

We were the second dine-in customers, but they were already a few take-away customers.

What a treat for the day!  That’s a lot of food for two, isn’t it?  Two are my liking, and the other two, DS’s.  The fried Selar fish stuffed with sambal chili is my favourite and must-have at Different Taste.  They remind me of my late granny and bring back nostalgic feeling of her cooking.

And of course, not forgetting the Chendol dessert 🙂

At the bus-stop along Frankel Avenue, DS spotted a rambutan tree in the garden of a house.  That reminded him of his childhood home where there was also a rambutan tree, and lots of free rambutans! 🙂

The rest of the day was nothing more than normal.  Thought we would end the day a little different (again, not special), so a small amount of Bailey’s Irish Cream. 🙂

What will the world be when the next 11.11.11 comes again?  I suppose nobody can predict, and I will not live till then to see it,  that’s for sure!  🙂


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