DS and I live not far from Joo Chiat but it is a place rather unfamiliar to us since we hardly go there.  I know that it is a gazetted conservation district in the eastern part of Singapore and there are many eateries there, but unfortunately my impression of Joo Chiat is somewhat negative based on news reports about the vice activities and police raids there, in the past recent years (probably no longer so, now).

On a stroll along Joo Chiat Road last Sunday (6 Nov) evening – I noticed that there are quite a number of KTVs and/or Bars along that stretch of Road, like this one below.

There are also  beautifully renovated shop houses and also many eateries offering a wide range of choices of food.

What actually attracted us there that evening was Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice which was featured on a recent food program (新马美食一家亲) by Channel 8 of MediaCorp.

When we arrived there at 6:10pm, the restaurant was already half filled with customers but the chicken rice would not be ready until 6:30pm.  And by the time we left an hour later, there were at least 20 people outside, waiting to be seated! That’s how popular the restaurant is!  But I wonder if this recent food program has actually attracted more customers like DS and I who are actually first-timers keen to check it out.

With only two of us, we could not order much so we had only chicken and stir-fried bean sprouts.

I love those bean sprouts!  There are very nicely cooked and crunchy.  味道和口感都很好!However the chicken was quite disappointing.  I didn’t find it tasty and the rice wasn’t fragrant enough, compared to better ones I have eaten before.  Well, maybe it was a bad day as the shop had sold out all the chickens that day and had to cook a new batch that evening or it was just a case of  “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”.  This isn’t my kind of ‘daily’ (ie tian tian) chicken rice.  I am now craving for the ‘better’ one that I miss so much already! 🙂


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