I am delighted to notice that there have been more recycling bins placed in public areas like shopping malls and office buildings, in recent months.

I am not sure what kind of programmes are in place in school to educate the young ones about the importance of recycling but based on my observations, I can’t help feeling that there has not been enough awareness and effort for recycling in Singapore.

For many years now, DS and I have been playing our parts in supporting the fortnightly recycling collection activities.

At our service balcony, there are always a few plastic bags of different sizes.

One for non-breakable items such as cans and plastics bottles

One for breakable or glass bottles

One for unwanted or unused plastic bags

And one more for old magazines and newspapers

On Friday nights, we made sure all bags are nicely packed into the large yellow plastic bags provided by the recycling company, and put outside the house for collection the next morning.

Since last month, we stopped receiving the yellow plastic bags from the recycling company.  On thinking that the worker might have forgotten to leave us the bags (as it has happened before), we continued to put the items outside our house on Friday nights, and the bags were collected too.

About 10 days ago, I decided to give the recycling company a call to inform them that I had not been receiving recycling bags from them.  I was surprised to learn that they had actually stopped doing the collection, and the recycling collection is now managed by SembWaste.

Wow, why was there no notification on the change?  And I wonder now who had actually collected the bags of items outside my house?

On contacting SembWaste, I was told that residents are now expected to bring the recycling items down to the bins near their blocks.  Well, that would not be an issue but the bins were nowhere to be spotted.  In fact, I welcome this move as it means that I can now drop the recycling items at anytime without having to wait for two weeks.

It was only a day or two after that call that I saw this huge bin under a small tree next to my block!  Quite frankly, it is quite unsightly to have this bin placed in such an awkward position.  On top of that, the bin was not designed to avoid getting drenched by heavy rain.

Then, I finally received a return call from the officer-in-charge a few days later.  He explained that flyers were distributed, and also placed on the notice board at the ground floor of each block to inform residents of the new system.  I told him I had not received the flyer at all, and had not paid attention to the notice board.  Interestingly, he also admitted that he does not look at the notice board at his block!  So I wonder how many are actually aware of the recycling effort, and noticed the change?

Obviously, if the authority is serious about recycling, there needs to be a better effort in increasing awareness and driving the effort, or it will just be futile.


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