On 6 December, DS and I went to Pulau Ubin again, this time with a Singaporean friend of ours who had never been there before.  This was our third visit in two and a half years.

We departed from Changi Village jetty after a hearty buffet breakfast at Changi Village Hotel, and it was almost 11am by the time we reached there.  Given the rainy season at this time of the year, the weather that day was exceptionally beautiful – bright sunny day with beautiful blue sky and lots of white clouds!

Although it is now school holiday, Pulau Ubin was very quiet that day as compared to our past visits.  A resident chatting with his friends near the bicycle rental shops also commented the same, as I overheard.  Perhaps this is the reason why the costs of bicycle rental has dropped 50% to S$6 per day.

We went on the same cycling trail as before, and explored Chek Jawa wetlands too by foot.  I thought there was not much to expect now since it was already our third visit but I was wrong.   We had some pleasant surprises, and noticed some changes too.

Our first stop at House No. 1, a pre-war English Cottage near the information counter of Chek Jawa.  We missed this in our first visit in May 2009.

Lookout area in front of House No. 1.  Beautiful!

One of the three wild boars spotted near the information counter of Chek Jawa.  This was our first time to see wild boars in Pulau Ubin!

What a beautiful day!  This shot was taken from the Coastal Boardwalk of Chek Jawa.

It was low tide. I noticed that there were a lot more algae along the coast than our previous visits.

Flock of birds enjoying the beautiful weather!

I am not sure why but this floating platform along Coastal Boardwalk is now locked.  It was still opened in early 2010 when we were there for the second time.

Mangrove area seen from one end of the Coastal Boardwalk

This tree, which I called it 一枝独秀 is dying.  It looks so different now from my first visit.  Perhaps it may not be there anymore the next time I go again. 😦

Our biggest pleasant surprise for the day – lots of tiny crabs, of different species in the mangrove area.  We had not seen them in our past visits!  Some of them were colourful, and there was also a unique species with one exceptional huge claw as shown below.

There were even crabs with aqua colour shell.

This bird is real!  Spotted at the mangrove area.

Wild boar again, this time in the mangrove area!

Monitor Lizards seem common in Pulau Ubin. We spotted one in every visit, at different locations.  In fact, this one  seen in the mangrove area was not the biggest we had ever seen.

We gave the 21-m high Jejawi Tower a miss this time.

After Chek Jawa, we had a stopover at an abandoned quarry as we cycled back to the jetty.  This is another beautiful spot in Pulau Ubin.  I think the authority should consider doing up this place by providing some sheltered benches  for people to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature.

This drinks shop near the jetty was closed on the day of our visit.  I wonder if it is closed for good now.

It was still bright and hot by the time we bade goodbye to Pulau Ubin (before 4pm).  In fact, it was so hot that DS actually had some sunburn.  As I always do for outing, I went prepared with long sleeve jacket and sunblock lotion on my face, so I was spared from that. 😀

Goodbye Pulau Ubin!

Every visit to Pulau Ubin had been interesting but I think it will be a long, long time before we set foot on Pulau Ubin again.

After arriving back at Changi Village, we had an early dinner there and spent some time checking out the shops at Changi Village.

Our bonus for the day – beautiful sunset seen from the bus, as we headed home.

That night, I had my best sleep ever in a long time.  I must have been tired after the long outing! 🙂


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